Quests levels 24 in Perfect World(part two)

Quests levels 24 in Perfect World(part two)
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As a Perfect World player, sometimes you may need Perfect World powerleveling, the price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Here we will provide you some useful information on Quests levels 24 given by Ence, hope it could help you.

Rebuild the Sword
-Continued from quest(Perfect World Gold) “The Swordmaker”

-Collect 25 Jackaleopardite’s Tusks (Quest Drop from Midnight Jackaleopardites; located just south of the Master Bladecraftsman)
-Collect 5 Element Fragment (Drops from Undead type, Golem type, Ice Mage type, Earth Spirit type, Wood type)

1. Speak to the Master Bladecraftsman (536, 755) Shining Tidewood
-Receive Stone Slasher
-Reward (Exp: 6500 SP: 1500)

2. Continue on to Quest(perfect world coins) “Sharp Slash”

Sharp Slash
-Continued from Quest “Rebuild the Sword”

1. Examine the Altar of Magic (454, 686) The Mines
-Celestone of Heaven or Celestone Fragment: 1 (Random)
-Reward (Gold: 7300 Exp: 1400 SP: 320 Rep: 3)

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