Leader Questions about Perfect World large factions(part three)

Leader Questions about Perfect World large factions(part three)

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Here are some leader questions about Perfect World large factions given by XanZerstorer, read them in details and get the points. If you have no time to earn cheap Perfect World Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you. 
If you are a part of the minority’s minority you guess, and there’s nothing that you hate more than people who are disrespectful. Here you can get the cheapest perfect world coins. You could kick people in the past for it, as everyone is warned of who/what’s in your faction – You have issued your officers to do the same, and they do it.

Doesn’t happen often. You may be small in terms of activity, but you get along very well.

– Last time you have seen a real fight in Feral chat. About 5 months back. You can get the cheapest perfect world silver in our website.
– Last time you personally kicked someone for heavy disrespect/racism/homophobia was about 3 months ago. You just don’t come off as racist, and blaming it on the fact you’ve been drinking and might be high. You also don’t PM your gay leader that you can’t stand him anymore ’cause you learned he was like 10 minutes ago. while you’ve been in the faction for a month.
– Talking to a member into leaving faction about 2 months ago, and if the dude had not PMed 3 of your AFK officers, yelling that if they weren’t in front of their computer they needed to log off you probably wouldn’t have kicked him. But the guy was impatient as hell and you had several members who blacklisted him. After all, maybe you could have kicked him anyways.

EDIT: You could go a bit off-topic, lol.

It is good for BH, you just monitor level(Perfect World powerleveling) range when they’re most succeptible to log on. Don’t want to wait, can’t attend faction runs? Try to find outside squads. They suck sometimes, but you can’t even your own BH within your own faction anymore, so don’t start complaining your faction can’t help you.
And it’s normal stuff gets lost in chat. Ask again later, when chat has died down a bit. People have to realize they’re not the only one in a 160-man faction.
Thanks for reading and have a good hunting.

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