boyisbeast’s Ultimate Perfect World Phsychic Guide

Beastboyisbeast’s Ultimate Perfect World Phsychic Guide

Please read the following Beastboyisbeast’s ultimate Perfect World phsychic guide:

Note:This guide is not complete and probably never will be- a work in progress. You can buy some cheap perfect world silver for your character. If you are not prepared to get to at least 60+, the Psychic is not for you. Save the hassle, play something else like a WB or BM. The Psychic is a class of many debuffs and high hitting spells sort of like a Wizard. You know you spelled Psychic wrong. If a mod would swing by and change that please.

In this guide, you use several Acronyms that may not be known to new characters, here they are:

PvE- Player versus Environment (Monsters)
PvP- Player versus Player
EA- Elf Archer
BM- Blade Master
WB- Were Beast otherwise known as Barbarian.
Pros And Cons:
Pros: High damage Nukes can easily take out most monsters without reaching you. Not much of a need of HP potions or charms due to having not being hit most of the time. Great for early PvE. From your experience, you have been wanted in parties for Vengeance and Silence. Also you have been wanted by some of your friends in PvP parties for your AoE bleeds and debuffs.
Cons: Very low survivability and HP at low and mid levels(Perfect World powerleveling). But can be fixed with stones. Low HP regeneration. Consumes MP Potions at a fast and large amount. Will run out of MP after a couple of monsters.

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