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Part Two: Learn Magic in Mabinogi

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The sequence of learning magic from Lassar is fixed, that is ice, fire and lastly lightning. We recommend that mage users should acquire their skills as described above instead of buying books even if you do not need ice or fire magic in Mabinogi . It is not compulsory for you to GET all the spells before you can learn another. You willl get INT afer you learn the last magic from Lassar. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Heal is a support magic and as the name implies, it rejuvenates your health point but NOT heal your wounds. You need a skill called Firstaid to heal wounds which is discussed in the next section. In order to get Heal skill, you need to buy a book called “Healing”: The basic of sorcery” from Lassar and use it. It costs 9800 gold. By the way, books are non-transferable items(Mabinogi Gold).

Part Two: The Age/skills for a Fighter in Mabinogi

Monday, April 19th, 2010

You will have plenty of other areas such as put ap composing music, play in Mabinogi, and other you want to try. Well, you said you read something in the BBS, we suggest to consider it. Combat is the best start early to your higher power and luck as your character(Mabinogi Gold) is getting old. However, this is a kind of very time-consuming and patience.

If you start at age 10 or 11 then it’s going to be some time before your character(Mabinogi powerleveling) fully matures. If you want higher int like for magic skills or skills that require INT, then starting at an older age is better. We would say anywhere from 13 or 14. So, you still can obtain good luck and still get a decent ap through aging. However, you may not be willing to upgrade, until you character too rapidly grow older, so you can get intelligence in case you want to spread to other areas.

Mabinogi Guide for Alchemy Skill

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Mabinogi Guide for Alchemy Skill

When you get enough, you can get a far G9 alchemy skill called life drain. As a powerful skills, it is a bit difficult, training and maintenance. But, if you are right, you may at any time and with less than 200 magnitude 6 life drain crystals. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Life drain, as the name implies, drains the life out of enemies and replenishes your own HP(buy Mabinogi Gold). In addition, when loss, it is to destroy the enemy’s alchemy, can make it easier for you to win the battle. F, it does not really hurt or loss of many, but the deal in rank 6 it consumes hundreds of points from the enemy’s double, damage in Mabingoi.

The Fishing Guide in Mabinogi

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

We have talked about starting the fish at the bottem middle, then going to the oppisite from where its going. Reflexes: you will need this. You can even practise in school with overall reflexes playing(Mabinogi Gold) in Gym or something. Playing other games that require your fingers is also useful for Reflexes and stamina. When your fishing, do not fling your mouse across the room. 
Your Mouse/Arm Space in Mabinogi: Try having a better Mousepad, it helps with the way your mouse moves. Also, try not to have a grip on your Wrist + Down to your elbow. If you do not get what we mean, place your hand on your mouse and have your 2 fingers on the mouse buttons. That only move your hands. If you hold your arm, you will not be skillfully moving, except that the small space. Also, a better mouse can help you solve the problem. There is a better control of your mouse, perhaps a wireless. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.

Mabinogi Guide for Enchant Builds

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

As for the future, we are possessed maximum damage monsters, we are willing to accept is maximum damage and 30% of vital windmills, use Life Drain’s broken-ness to get that HP(Mabinogi Gold) back, so our opinion will be more slanted on the max damage part. We think Stout translates into Imposing, which is a Ciar Advanced Hardmode reward, +15 STR prefix, which is 8 max for an accessory. That will make Imposing Earthquake give +14 max.

WhiteHorse gives 7 max as a suffix, Habit prefix gives STR+20 which equals 8 max, Extraordinary prefix gives 7 max but much more reasonable. Calculating, Ancient Darkness at max (+27) with Imposing Earthquake, that’s up to (+41) max. Habit/Extraordinary WhiteHorse clothing at max(+14~15), with two imposing earthquake (+28) that’s up to (+42~43) max. Fleet gives up to +9 max for prefix. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Gladiator up to +7 max for suffix, not sure which one Steel Needle is so skipping that. Now to summarize and calculate the improvement overall with future gear in Mabinogi. Habit/Extraordinary WhiteHorse (+14~15) and Imposing Earthquakes (+28), to (+42~43) vs Ancient Darkness and Corundum Earthquake (+39). Fleet Raven (+17) vs Diamond raven (+12). Union Gladiator (+15) vs Union Tragic (+12). Overall, current max potential is +63, with future max potential, that’s 11~12 max improvement.