Mabinogi Guide for Enchant Builds

As for the future, we are possessed maximum damage monsters, we are willing to accept is maximum damage and 30% of vital windmills, use Life Drain’s broken-ness to get that HP(Mabinogi Gold) back, so our opinion will be more slanted on the max damage part. We think Stout translates into Imposing, which is a Ciar Advanced Hardmode reward, +15 STR prefix, which is 8 max for an accessory. That will make Imposing Earthquake give +14 max.

WhiteHorse gives 7 max as a suffix, Habit prefix gives STR+20 which equals 8 max, Extraordinary prefix gives 7 max but much more reasonable. Calculating, Ancient Darkness at max (+27) with Imposing Earthquake, that’s up to (+41) max. Habit/Extraordinary WhiteHorse clothing at max(+14~15), with two imposing earthquake (+28) that’s up to (+42~43) max. Fleet gives up to +9 max for prefix. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Gladiator up to +7 max for suffix, not sure which one Steel Needle is so skipping that. Now to summarize and calculate the improvement overall with future gear in Mabinogi. Habit/Extraordinary WhiteHorse (+14~15) and Imposing Earthquakes (+28), to (+42~43) vs Ancient Darkness and Corundum Earthquake (+39). Fleet Raven (+17) vs Diamond raven (+12). Union Gladiator (+15) vs Union Tragic (+12). Overall, current max potential is +63, with future max potential, that’s 11~12 max improvement.


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