The Fishing Guide in Mabinogi

We have talked about starting the fish at the bottem middle, then going to the oppisite from where its going. Reflexes: you will need this. You can even practise in school with overall reflexes playing(Mabinogi Gold) in Gym or something. Playing other games that require your fingers is also useful for Reflexes and stamina. When your fishing, do not fling your mouse across the room. 
Your Mouse/Arm Space in Mabinogi: Try having a better Mousepad, it helps with the way your mouse moves. Also, try not to have a grip on your Wrist + Down to your elbow. If you do not get what we mean, place your hand on your mouse and have your 2 fingers on the mouse buttons. That only move your hands. If you hold your arm, you will not be skillfully moving, except that the small space. Also, a better mouse can help you solve the problem. There is a better control of your mouse, perhaps a wireless. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.

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