Part Two: The Age/skills for a Fighter in Mabinogi

You will have plenty of other areas such as put ap composing music, play in Mabinogi, and other you want to try. Well, you said you read something in the BBS, we suggest to consider it. Combat is the best start early to your higher power and luck as your character(Mabinogi Gold) is getting old. However, this is a kind of very time-consuming and patience.

If you start at age 10 or 11 then it’s going to be some time before your character(Mabinogi powerleveling) fully matures. If you want higher int like for magic skills or skills that require INT, then starting at an older age is better. We would say anywhere from 13 or 14. So, you still can obtain good luck and still get a decent ap through aging. However, you may not be willing to upgrade, until you character too rapidly grow older, so you can get intelligence in case you want to spread to other areas.

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