Part Two: Learn Magic in Mabinogi

The sequence of learning magic from Lassar is fixed, that is ice, fire and lastly lightning. We recommend that mage users should acquire their skills as described above instead of buying books even if you do not need ice or fire magic in Mabinogi . It is not compulsory for you to GET all the spells before you can learn another. You willl get INT afer you learn the last magic from Lassar. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Heal is a support magic and as the name implies, it rejuvenates your health point but NOT heal your wounds. You need a skill called Firstaid to heal wounds which is discussed in the next section. In order to get Heal skill, you need to buy a book called “Healing”: The basic of sorcery” from Lassar and use it. It costs 9800 gold. By the way, books are non-transferable items(Mabinogi Gold).

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