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Classes Leveling in Mabinogi(Two)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

You can rebirth for free if you want after you reach age twenty, allowing you to reset your level(Mabinogi powerleveling) to level 1. You can get ability points all over again for leveling up. There is also a cash shop version of rebirth that you can use as often as weekly if you like. Your character’s skills and ability points are kept when you rebirth. Skills are leveled through use, until they reach a point, their rank can be increased by spending AP.

It is your choice at that point whether to move into the next rank. If you make a mistake, there is a cash shop item in Mabinogi called a skill reset capsule that allows you to decrease rank in a skill and recover that AP. Experience(Mabinogi Gold) points are gained through completing quests, combat, and completing part time jobs. You can also get a small amount of exp by burning items in a campfire.