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Mabinogi Guide for Leveling Specs and Tips

Friday, June 18th, 2010

In most other games, for many people leveling(Mabinogi powerleveling) is the boring process of reaching the “end game” where you can actually play. This is the greatest advantage Warhammer has in our opinion, since we enjoyed our leveling that much that we could do it again. Main reason for that is that you are not forced to just questing / grinding all your way up to 40 but you can actually just RvR your way there.

We decided to mix both aspects of the game, as we suspect most players are doing. There are some bad news and some good news for guys who want to do this. Starting with the bad. Magus’ Masteries are not equally viable for either PvE or RvR. For large parts of Mabinogi, some masteries are just bad for one or the other aspect.
The good news, on the other hand, is that you can easily respec since it costs almost nothing and that you always have at least one strong option so we are going to list what specs are good for PvE and RvR through your leveling(Mabinogi Gold) and explain why. This is our personal opinion but we think most people agree generally. To the specifics.

Magic Guide in Mabinogi

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Magic Guide in Mabinogi

To learn offensive magic in Mabinogi, speaking teachers in the back of the NPC building of red hair girl. Select your travel diary in the first page of section 5 of options when you talk Lassar. You need to pay 4000 gold to learn magic. You pay Lassar, you will not immediately magic skills. You must attend the morning to go to class. The next morning Lassar click your choice, like travel diary with her 5 th class(buy Mabinogi Gold).

You have to attend, including 13 to participate in 4000 when you pay your gold to get your first magic skill, which is a separate class Icebolt total. You do not need to buy any books to learn magic from Lassar Icebolt. To learn more fireballs and lightning magic, you will need to pay another 4000 gold and 7000 gold respectively, and repeat the above steps. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.


The Useful Guide in Mabinogi

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Lots of Mabinogi combat/range skill are for one to one combat. Therefore, the game AI has to provide a rule, a player can not fight the battle skills of 1:1, the thugs all around frustration. But it also has some challenges, to provide encouragement to the players create their own characters. When you play in a dungeon, you will find that there may be lots of thugs in a room of the time, but only a small number of known you, try to attack you, and other monsters to pretend that if they do not see you all. This is because of hatred under the control of mob rule. Hate is how to identify a particular mob you.
Aggro is most important in single player combat. Mob may switch targets, if there is including your pets in their hatred of the scope of many players(Mabinogi Gold).

1. Aggro state.

Just looking at the surface, there are 4 states of a mob’s aggro towards you.
– No aggro – The mob just behaves that it did not see you at all.
– Supporting – The mob displays a red ? mark on its head and follows you.
– Stunned – From the surface, looks same as supporting.
– Aggro – The mob displays a mark on its head and attacks you.

Obviously, there would be more states internally in the mob’s AI. The mob is the right side to go from a mob, which is very far away from your hatred of a different state. When you have been in close radius and the mob:

– Some mobs switch from no aggro state to aggro state automatically.
– Some mobs switch from no aggro state to supporting state automatically.
– Some mobs stay in no aggro state forever.

If you directly attack a particular mob, that mob will switch to aggro state regardless of which state it was previously in. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.