Mabinogi Guide for Leveling Specs and Tips

In most other games, for many people leveling(Mabinogi powerleveling) is the boring process of reaching the “end game” where you can actually play. This is the greatest advantage Warhammer has in our opinion, since we enjoyed our leveling that much that we could do it again. Main reason for that is that you are not forced to just questing / grinding all your way up to 40 but you can actually just RvR your way there.

We decided to mix both aspects of the game, as we suspect most players are doing. There are some bad news and some good news for guys who want to do this. Starting with the bad. Magus’ Masteries are not equally viable for either PvE or RvR. For large parts of Mabinogi, some masteries are just bad for one or the other aspect.
The good news, on the other hand, is that you can easily respec since it costs almost nothing and that you always have at least one strong option so we are going to list what specs are good for PvE and RvR through your leveling(Mabinogi Gold) and explain why. This is our personal opinion but we think most people agree generally. To the specifics.

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