Next Generation of Mabinogi(1)

Nexon will release Generation 3 update for their popular F2P MMO Mabinogi Gold. This update will be the mainstream story line, the marriage with the support of a number of new tasks and functions of pets has also improved. With the newest chapter in the magnificent free-to-play MMORPG, Generation Three. Players will need to overcome a mighty dragon which has been summoned to destroy the world. 

TThis episode offers marriage, new tasks and increase pet cause, it would commend the current wealth of game options already found in the lands of Mabinogi Gold. The mainstream story quest delivers answers to open-ended questions as players uncover a secret about Erinn. Players will save the human world by recovering dungeon seals, which prevent the fomor, or monsters of Mabinogi Gold, from escaping another world. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Characters in Mabinogi can enjoy a deeper experience within the game’s massive world with the introduction of the marriage system. Players will have the opportunity to not only obtain a wedding license but also tuxedos, wedding dresses, shoes and even a veil for the bride.

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