View of Characters in Mabinogi

Lorna Risse/Lorna Risako is a young girl with long and straight turquoise hair, and dons a royal blue hat and a sky blue button shirt with royal blue long skirt. She is the most involved throughout the miniseries with tasks in each episode on what the player can do in Mabinogi. She is easily short-tempered because of those, including Pan, who criticize her actions and well-being too often. She is also easily fascinated and aroused by looks and items. Most of the time, she carries around a lute and a short wooden bat for a weapon(Mabinogi Gold).

Pan is a black sheep who sides with Lorna throughout the miniseries. How he came upon talking like a human is unknown. He is mostly knocked around by Lorna because he criticizes and judges her actions and behavior too much. He finds his own unique strategies to fulfill tasks or doing another important thing while completing an albeit, and usually points them out near the end of each chapter for the Mabinogi player to use and take advantage of. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.

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