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Mabinogi Guide for Specific Dungeon Tactics(2)

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


Rooms you might run into trouble: Goblin+Archers and Poison Goblins. Goblin Rooms: Room that only have regular goblins will not be a problem, goblins have low HP(buy mabinogi gold) so they will die after combo>counter, if not use windmill after counter or icebolt. Don’t use defense against goblins unless you have a kite shield.

Goblin+Archer Rooms in Mabinogi: After they spawn scan fast for the safest corner and go there, we recommend to wait a bit in the corner so you don’t accidentally hit anything that wasn’t going to aggro in the first place, load icebolts and try to take the archers first, remember a non-crit hit will make them switch to barehanded. If you get multi-aggroed theres no other way than windmill. Posion Goblins Room, same as Goblin+Archers, go to corner and hope for the best, if you get multi-aggroed windmill. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Ciar Normal might not be a good place for beginners unless you have a decent enough weapon to kill the gobs with windmill. The skeletons on the boss room can be killed by ice-counter, they have high damage so defense will not be a good idea, don’t get close to them if they loaded a skill really quickly, since thats windmill. These skeletons don’t have PD. The heavy-Stander skeletons are the ones with light and heavy armo, so you can also use combo if they smash. For the golem you will have to fire-counter or, if you are with a friend smash-mill. Theres also a more advanced way, golems wont attack nor do skill untill their fully up, which gives you time to attack after a windmill if you have it cornered.


Mabinogi Guide: Training Method Information(7)

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Rank 4: The Hell Rank xD
For Humans and Elves in Mabinogi:
-Kill a “Boss” monster (Humans = 450 times/Elves = 400 times)
-Hit multiple “Strong” monsters (40 times)
-Kill multiple “Strong” monsters (30 times)
-Kill a “Strong” monster (3000 times)
-Kill an “Awful” monster (3000 times)
For Giants:
-Kill a “Boss” monster (100 times)
-Hit multiple “Strong” monsters (10 times)
-Kill multiple “Strong” monsters (10 times)
-Kill a “Strong” monster (400 times)
-Kill an “Awful” monster (300 times)

Note: Why is it a hell rank? Its because this rank has the most awful and strong monster-grinding ever. For Humans, Boss kills + Multiple hits/Kills can only get you 69%.. meaning you have to get 31% from Strong and awful monsters in game(buy mabinogi gold). Either kill 3000 Strong +100 Awful. Or kill 3000 Awful + 100 Strong monsters. You can always mix it up, its just an idea of how much you’re going to be killing.
For Elves, Boss kills + Multiple hits/Kills can only get you 66%, its even more of a pain. Which means you have to kill 3000 Strong +400 Awful monsters. Or kill 3000 Awful + 400 Strong monsters to get 34%. For Giants, Boss kills + Multiple hits/Kills = 74%. Either do 400 Strong kills + 25 Awful kills or do 300 Awful + 34 Strong monsters to get 26%. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.

4Story Guide for Attack Skills

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Attack Skills

As a Defence warrior(4story gold) you only focus on the left skill tree, the right side is for Beserkers.
Forcefull Spirit
Its a good damage attack skill, must have skill in our opinion, max as you go.
Vengeful Blow
Another attack skill though not our favorite, it can only be used if the target dodged an attack, thats makes it use unreliable and unpredictable. It’s damage is said to be good though and we may consider adding this at a later time. For now we added one as it is a requirement for teh floowing skills in 4Story.
A defence warriors best friend, stun skills, disable either your opponent in PvE or PvP. It’s a must have skill, max as you go.
Sword Energy of Binding
It slows down you opponent a lot. Useless for PvE but very usefull for PvP. you cant stun lock ranged opponents all the time, the cool down of your 2 stun skills is too long, this helps you bridge that gap and stay and make sure your opponent wont run away. You are Melee so you need to keep them close to you. Start putting points in this if you consider PvP, if not it can wait till you do.

Making Gold Guide for Mabinogi (3)

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Mabinogi: Ciar Begginner Dungeon Passes can be first obtained by Ranald, who is located at the School of Tir Chonaill; its free so don”t worry. Once you”ve obtain the pass, just head to Ciar dungeon by taking the Northeast route in Tir and follow it until you get there. For Ciar Beginner Dungeon, you will find many easy monsters but the gold drop is not exactly high to obtain a lot of gold, you pick up their Fomor Scrolls. You can find 5 different Fomor Scrolls in Ciar Beginner. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
After you obtain 10, you can exchange them for a decent or large amount of gold. Most you can get from a set of 10 from Ciar Beginner is approximately 6k, which are Mimic Fomor Scrolls. This is not the only method of making gold in Ciar Beginner either, after you finish, as in defeating Small Golem, you can open the chest that will provide some items(Mabinogi money ) and more gold ranging from about 800-1k approximately.