Making Gold Guide for Mabinogi (3)

Mabinogi: Ciar Begginner Dungeon Passes can be first obtained by Ranald, who is located at the School of Tir Chonaill; its free so don”t worry. Once you”ve obtain the pass, just head to Ciar dungeon by taking the Northeast route in Tir and follow it until you get there. For Ciar Beginner Dungeon, you will find many easy monsters but the gold drop is not exactly high to obtain a lot of gold, you pick up their Fomor Scrolls. You can find 5 different Fomor Scrolls in Ciar Beginner. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
After you obtain 10, you can exchange them for a decent or large amount of gold. Most you can get from a set of 10 from Ciar Beginner is approximately 6k, which are Mimic Fomor Scrolls. This is not the only method of making gold in Ciar Beginner either, after you finish, as in defeating Small Golem, you can open the chest that will provide some items(Mabinogi money ) and more gold ranging from about 800-1k approximately.

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