Mabinogi Guide for Specific Dungeon Tactics(2)


Rooms you might run into trouble: Goblin+Archers and Poison Goblins. Goblin Rooms: Room that only have regular goblins will not be a problem, goblins have low HP(buy mabinogi gold) so they will die after combo>counter, if not use windmill after counter or icebolt. Don’t use defense against goblins unless you have a kite shield.

Goblin+Archer Rooms in Mabinogi: After they spawn scan fast for the safest corner and go there, we recommend to wait a bit in the corner so you don’t accidentally hit anything that wasn’t going to aggro in the first place, load icebolts and try to take the archers first, remember a non-crit hit will make them switch to barehanded. If you get multi-aggroed theres no other way than windmill. Posion Goblins Room, same as Goblin+Archers, go to corner and hope for the best, if you get multi-aggroed windmill. We provide Mabinogi powerleveling for you.
Ciar Normal might not be a good place for beginners unless you have a decent enough weapon to kill the gobs with windmill. The skeletons on the boss room can be killed by ice-counter, they have high damage so defense will not be a good idea, don’t get close to them if they loaded a skill really quickly, since thats windmill. These skeletons don’t have PD. The heavy-Stander skeletons are the ones with light and heavy armo, so you can also use combo if they smash. For the golem you will have to fire-counter or, if you are with a friend smash-mill. Theres also a more advanced way, golems wont attack nor do skill untill their fully up, which gives you time to attack after a windmill if you have it cornered.

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