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 mabinogi moneyIt is 2:40, this time is a night owl active period, when the cold side of the house hung fishing, listening to the soundtrack — the sea of the original FF3. There are always people can not forget the game, especially The first customs game. I was in Japanese hands hard, that only know how to play and my life + learning, nature would not have thought themselves to after 3 years in Tokyo, spent 2 years. things change, the game is so, the reality is so.FF3 the background is the background of medieval fantasy, here are the cold weapons, magic, summon beast, sword, and some appropriate Mabi content. The plot was similar, the world plunged into darkness, Feng Shui Crystal to fire control by the forces of darkness, four unknown warriors embark on the journey to save the continent. on Mabi’s main plot is, the goddess keyhole control, players play the Warriors have to save Erin continent. because it is stand-alone game, so the very high degree of freedom FF3 , the career choices, learn magic, although some specific needs steady jobs plot through, but the game overall high degree of freedom, except the main line of plot, can be said to be very free. Mabi it did, where you can make a fisherman, a Bard, a fighting machine, a magic master, no comparisons, when everyone can live very comfortable, as long ago before the movie titles, like the last shot (now rattle a), a small sitting LOLI In the Watertown side of the grass, accompanied by a little dog around, and she watched with binoculars from afar to view. freedom is Mabi a major reason to attract me. FF3 game plot is actually quite interesting, cute, or a powerful companion to join and exit, as the story of development, gradually highlights the characteristics of their own. So, when I saw the water witch to save the life of the protagonist at the expense of their own , the main character holding Vanishing when she could not do something, feel that pain. time and can not be polished all wounds, but let the wounds heal slowly, but, you do not know when it will suddenly split, bringing painful, so that you can not sleep at night, can not continue indifference, that is all. Mabi’s companion, more vivid than FF3, because in front of you is not spelled out the role of a model, in this dense Connect the other end of the world network, is another and have feelings like you have a voice thoughtful people. We may never meet on this side of life, but interdependent in the game, living in a virtual Erin continent. So , do not care about the game you are male or female, is still in office workers work hard for a living, or current student-free, real-life troubles, please do not bring the game. the game is casual, our fun to the game continue. So, if you have friends to leave, please do not continue to retain, and perhaps the troubles of life is the biggest reason they leave the game, and, someday, you and I have to leave for various reasons unknown it is, then, please Remember to live with them, fighting with the day. memory, not because of the passage of time and fuzzy, it just silently hiding behind your Siyi, and then violently hit you. FF series of music has been great, starting from the initial one, whether it is a prelude to the classic crystal, or the victory of rhythmic music, I’m not even a town can very clearly remember the music. Filled with happiness, there is the slightest sad music is the most easily remembered, so even a instant, the moment you move, you will firmly keep in mind, and hide, when a quiet day off, a chance to slowly enjoy . music gives the greatest pleasure, than this was. Mabi’s music is quite distinctive, the main line of the plot had to do, when to be loud and deeply attracted by boosting the main line of music, into the role, is a thrilling environment , after a difficult process, and finally came before the BOSS pleasure. G1 love life love YY OSS, small cell, first time I saw the time, was deeply shocked to the huge body, with a similar release of the fireball magic, there did seem abnormal wing magic, mysterious and full of feeling can be overwhelming force, coupled with the ultimate music like electronic music, really good. Another very favorite music is throwing himself, FF in I also like the music is GAME OVER. feel that it, like you have been pursuing the goal, away from you so close, not only can see it in every detail, and the hand can touch, but the large and small mistakes, errors, misunderstandings and eventually loss of a interval of space, that sense of failure, the kind of powerlessness, need to take your time and experience. So, GAME OVER moments, many ideas in my mind, where, in the end is what went wrong, HP is not the role of time to pay back? Forgot your replacement equipment? forget archived? Maybe this is not the reason, perhaps one of them. Yes, the game being over. is only temporary. well before the archive can make you regret, there is opportunity to make up. Mabi, was casting himself in the moment, no one person is not extreme regret, of course, in addition to the NAO is now deliberately rushed back every day to add wishes and Dark Knight Street Fight Street intentionally added strength and magic than, perhaps because underestimate the enemy, only a trace of blood, holding a crossbow to face the monster, but for 5 arrows MISS, OMYGOD, is the network delay’s sake, or that the crossbow itself is substandard products? You may find the reason, perhaps, or a loss But it does not matter, as long as the purchase of the NAO service, 2 seconds 100% of the state you will be able to fight back, even without the NAO, there is no problem in the companion, because peers are the strongest weapon, the most solid shield most times as long as the equipment does not fall, you can return to the Goddess, of course, if there is no record, for it … you people pumping RP, is a very wonderful thing, some people can not hit a lifetime thing, maybe you got the time. How to explain? RP? Perhaps, or maybe not. RP can be used to explain some of the non-imaginary things, for you mysterious things, may be next door Pharaoh face every day things. That being the case, deliberately seeking RP, is a very inefficient thing is a waste of time, when you 5 consecutive MISS, continuously hit the stars dress, continuous Open to the red crossbow, you should be aware of yourself into a peak or trough of the RP. Yes, RP showed wavy valley of, when you climax, when, do not forget to give yourself mind you, the climax be over, and the rest should be how to face the emptiness; when you’re wandering in the valley, when, do not forget that in the near front, Lady Luck is smiling on you, the distance may be just one step, how to cross, it was you their own thing. NPC, is different from peers, they may obscure the main line of the plot of a soldier, perhaps a bad thing to do to make the big bad guys, they do not have the initiative, in the 0 and 1 in the world, they are waiting for the players. Mabi most featured a number of NPC, I counted up, that there are three moments to think of it, bears male and female demon, Na children. bears the impression of really deep man, who did G1, G2, G3’s people know that it will only changed back to human form at night, but still full of flavor glasses male scholar, a deep relationship between it and the main plot, it is almost gone through all of the circumstances, the current bear-like, just because the results were defeated, it is very strange, G3 end When, why not let the goddess to help it restore its human form? Perhaps the reason is because the Na children. banshee = down = GL = sexy, as one of the words most of the NPC, female demon in the underground city is always lonely rabbi One lonely banshee singing songs, until the arrival of Tarlac. banshee tempted, for the glasses men, although the last did not retain him up, but he taught her: love, not to yield. Yes, love is not yield, love is sexual gratification, love is concerned about each other, love each other thoughts, so lonely banshee was the rabbi left the underground city, came to the coming and going of the Dun Balun, came to the run-down of the church by played a nun. But, her heart has never changed, preserved roses, thoughts of Tarlac, understanding of love, are willing to let her alone. NPC are to such a state, the real embarrassment. Na children, perhaps I should say that we are discussing is not a role-playing children in Na Luo Li-like Huna children, but abnormal chest fullness, leading players through the soul of his ilk to the mainland Na Erin children. Na popular children has been very strong, we have an opportunity every week to see her, and each character the first time, all dedicated to her. Na children are lovely, especially now that she work harder with each additional day will the number of times we met, in particular her the moment we pulled up throwing himself in, so I put the children to Na spring milk white mabinogi gold.

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