MapleStory National Service Events in 2005

Time flies, instant Adventure Island has gone through six spring is about to usher in big changes Adventure Island,(maplestory) on the occasion, please allow me to reprint this have good memories, “Adventure Island 2005 Events” Shanda update the suction strange flying invincible shield, the first suction strange World War, however, the departure of many players is an indisputable fact that, despite the risk is still to be sent to 2005 high expectations year’s most anticipated online games

To switch open, the gun is not the confidence of the soldiers to go with a three-turn, the island has suddenly exploded into the most professional; mark strong flight is natural that the weak had never turn professional after three more on a floor; knife also really powerful one flight; priests become priests, continue to popular; third turn before the three dominant ice thunderbolt was poisoned sword caught in the despair, I turn to ice when the mine as no longer dominate the world, swordsman and the burning is seemingly encountered strong frustration, a lot of warriors and wizards with the old fire and magic of the Duracell 0 desire to leave disappointed, or fought in the gun, he moved to standard.

With the general subject of agility and fly reel prices soared, smoking strange career once again after the differentiation of this began Zombie map and opening holes difficult, and this time, the priests and the burning become the protagonist. The opening of zombies, so the priest opened the Monkey Cave No. 2 outside the battlefield, the speakers all over the world seeking group of priests in this outstanding career achievements in the zombie dominance. 3, the opening of the cave and hard is almost completely immersed in the three to also unhappy in turn pushed the burning abyss.

¬†For a time, the burning seems to be the island’s most rubbish jobs. I write to you, your predecessors for leaving the first bit of silence Adventure King and the sniper’s popularity in the past year, said adventure, I have to mention the king and the sniper adventure. Player’s rating once again leaps and bounds. Speaking, how much should be grateful to the fire risk drug and sniper Wang and let the majority of the fire and the poison zombie in the White Wolf spent the most painful period. Then the king and the grand adventure gear for a thorough blocked, the result is a large number of players announced to leave. Finally, the ban ended in a grand compromise.

Warrior Dark Sword / Axe to the sword frenzy / ax,(maplestory) called the dark but no effect of darkness, the darkness under the pressure of a grand renamed frenzy. Here despise it. The burning of the awakening, the sky was once dominant, after a three-turn and fire pummeled the dog, the number greatly reduced. However, this ray of unceasing fire of the burning in some clever support, suddenly burning up, group poison was found in the fire doghole group of drugs widely been gradually used up, can not be said that the fire drug history, one of the strongest notes. Let the burning from the past doghole disability, became overwhelmingly one of a group of fire doghole King.

The burning confidence picked up again. Zhakun the emergence of Warcraft a few months later the king stand down in the blue convinced of the snail. Once again, the achievements of the myth of the blue snails, and its fighting terror at the Forum video hits it all. Toy City Maps launched in the natural death of more than 0 less than 1E highest price when the big purple ghost devote the highest performance rating than the flames of the rod, a high burst rate to the power of the Master has been greatly improved. Staff also impact the market, the death and magic 0 0 prices fell 5000w, 3000w. (I remember even before has just sold the 100 block of points, chipped in to buy a put to death 0 1E, Kusi!!) And White Dragon can be made can not be said to be a flaw, a symbol of the old guy and 48 reduced to the Like the rod position. Daimon the White Wolf began to burst out of the soul, the mages dream finally coming out six months of the artifact on the island. The first sea turtles to Daimon Soul price of RMB 1,600 yuan.

Is succeeded by a large number of players who hang in the White Wolf, Mohun about price stability in the 4E. Forum on the manual and hook dispute intensified. The outbreak of the second suction strange adventure suffered a second outbreak, a large number of players to leave once again, the sky flying monsters, its potential catch for the first time a great and strange, like smoking. Changes in skills, standard blood-sucking fly standard, money flying knife shield, ice Leilei gun, the burning end of all production changes.

 Vampire standard unlike before security; money to fly shield changes to have become Xueniu knife, began to hang the sword of fire flying dog; Ray Gun lost Paralysis; end of the flames of the velocity correction, the power of the group of terrorist attack After the normal speed, the power to fire once again raise the status of drugs. Strange city opened a new toy, a reasonable map card is set, so that less blood, bow, (maple story mesos)fly safe, ice-Ray more powerful, and Dragoon in the piles of guns with the advantage of a strange group where there has been the ultimate play the burning finally blame for the high experience, occupational status for the first time over the ice mines.

Warriors frenzy come into play. Before the rumors of the burning will be the strongest, most ice-Ray will become the remarks did not appear weak, the ice is still a powerful mine, but the fire has been suppressed drug also showed the power of their own. A lot of dark high property appears strange, so that the priests have become the main attack. Achievements of the priests and the Dragoon in the King of Ghosts of the most perfect combination. It is worth mentioning that the knights, 3 attribute blame attacks for any knight in the new maps are handy, becoming the largest after the opening of the new dark horse strange. The only losers are flying knives, where encouragement, the most recognized Shuai career Burongyia, persist! !

Old bar before the two popular post-explosion Solomon and Mohun top weapons explosion in a high rate under the drop in price and become a popular weapon, and burn a new level of strange and unprecedented large number of senior players to become poor, and the market in the short After the excitement of the rapid depression, the only thing is the price point of coupons. The outbreak of the 3rd sucked strange, this is one of the most complete havoc, so that all players do not suck strange chilling month, hang up and the first hand shake hands, to condemn smoking strange. However, as grand and rapid escalation is not the temptation to get rich quickly co

vered the entire island of strange smoke, “suck strange island” concept and the 180 players to the emergence of dirty and ugly January 2006, 039 version is available, smoking strange stopped, accelerated stopped, stopped hanging up, a quiet and peaceful the island was placed in front of adventure. Let us have a better right back! Although, (maplestory mesos)it is so far the decline of Adventure Island, from 2006 to version 2.0 has started I hope to bring life to give Adventure Island

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