South Korea “Mabinogi” development team leader Han interview set onyx Record (1) (2)

Recently, a new concept of life anime online games, (mabinogi money)”Rocky” servers around the world began a vigorous increase in the number of online following the break up online Hanbok, the century of national service agents operating heaven “Rocky” is not far behind, creating a the highest online within three years. And also recently, the development of R & D team captain devCAT South Korea South Korea accepted South Korean media containing onyx interview, the “difference” and the world service of “Rocky” and some other specific issues are described. This interview is self-translation, please respect the original interviewer and the original translator to prohibit the second amendment. Q: Now that devCAT various statements posted everywhere, for example, “has become the strongest action MMO,” and so on, looks really kind of tension during the college entrance examination ah. South Korea set onyx: I did not expect you will feel like this. These statements are with “Kim Dong-Jian (the Minister) philosophy,” the statement, and are some differences in the pursuit of devCAT leap and the core statement.

But this is not the kind of full of tragic beauty, combative atmosphere. Q: devCAT created by the development of philosophy? South Korea set onyx: “to create a game different from others” is our basic philosophy devCAT. Recently also in use “as the strongest action MMO development studio” would like to encourage developers. Lodge is the same,(mabinogi gold) but “Rocky Hero” is an emphasis on action Shuangkuaigan game, our goal is to become the strongest in this type of game. Now all the developers in order to make an effort with the depth of the game. Q: I heard that you do from the start, “Rocky,” the project? Your feelings should be different, right? South Korea set onyx: I was recruited in February 2002, and after the development work done Lodge. In fact, the name was not devCAT. Each time in the “Rocky” introduction videos, see their name displayed as a developer, is particularly excited. Mabinogi The name comes from the Nordic ancient times, is a sung by poetry and songs of people, in order to reflect the meaning of its name in the game, we also added musical instruments and other rich content, the name corresponds exactly with the game content. Q: From last August to now, has broken a record high line is not it? South Korea set onyx: Yes, since August last year, South Korea, “Rocky” in the form of changes to some fees, but also because of this change, have long had the highest number of online opportunity. From the results, this attempt is very appropriate. From the surface data, very happy. Did not expect to be so successful, and my heart is boundless emotion. Q: In addition to revising the tariff model, there are other success factors it?

South Korea set onyx: Since last year after he was promoted to captain for the development, how can the “Rocky” more successful, I have considered many aspects. Ultimately judged as “players to strengthen the community” and “team for the game” is the core element of MMO. According to these two elements, the direction of the implementation of R & D update, it was a good reflection of the same time,(cheap mabinogi money) the results obtained now. Q: strengthen community? Please explain your specific under you? South Korea set onyx: Yes. In fact, that we strengthen the community is called the shadow increased the content of the task. In previous “Rocky”, the single-player game, SOLO phenomenon are many, but the shadow of the player is required by the task team to experience and enjoy the fun. Also, the game developed a new novice channel, lower the threshold, but also support to help new systems, but also because these elements all the time new users into the “Rocky” in the world.

Moreover, the shadow task requires five or more players before they can experience the team can also be seen as a copy of the form now popular. But it is a copy of the existing different forms of universal concepts, such as import more, for example, and with the “Rocky” of the world are closely linked, for example, each filling and expansion of world view, etc., then so can bring together the shadow task many players, naturally formed small communities. Q: “Rocky” has several updates in the form? Chapter Update (Chapter) and the generation updates and seasonal updates, etc., are what is the difference?

Seems very complex way. South Korea set onyx: actually very simple, as long as the size and timing according to the updated classification of the line. Section as a great scale, is the largest update in the form, operate in the existing view of the world’s about 2 to 3 years after the period will re-shape the world view and change the big version is called the section (Chapter). The Generation is 6 months as a unit, this update is regularly formed, usually in the summer and winter. Generation update patch in between seasons, usually to add new skills, new copy, new props and new elements added. (buy mabinogi gold)Finally, other additional forms of patches mainly for balance and to improve the playability for the update. Anyway, favorite players or the last an additional update

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