G10 accidentally discovered dedicated to the novice Mabinogi

1. to avoid the desert long way fireball flying paper airplane before landing in the fireball or run away or hide in a hot air balloon ride 2. to avoid the plain method of hiding the dragon’s fireball or fire, or hid behind the tree hot air balloon 3. meteorites way to avoid red dragon with the wizard to change the topography of the village bank to sell speakers to hide or hide trench hot air balloon 4. avoid the crocodile, the lion range of methods to attack the windmill 5. quick way to open a set of props by shift point prop 6. Section hair more quickly by pressing a method several times, there will be multiple groups of Mao windows are valid within certain period of time 7. Methods to record any place flyers or key to 8. plane method with leaflets records through the horse boxes, a bird to achieve, for example, A record, open team, B invited launched, A be sure to use A records, determining to be launched to select the channel B, then A and B transfer Transfer Success 9 . London Square in fishing methods and A 2 B, B Fishing, A team captain, A wing with the return, will B back to London mabinogi money11. the game by copying the methods SHIFT + HOME to select all the contents of the input box 12 . quick call or open a pet pet pet wrapped package approach can set the shortcut key to set in, so do not call packages that can be set to call 1234567890 pet, pet package is set to u, operation is very convenient to 13. fast grinding weapons proficiency The method of preparing a set of mice are timid people hunting equipment, base damage is 1-1 Daguai a drop of blood, open automatically attack can wear (mabibook.com) 14. Lodge window of the other games after playing full-screen no black screen after, for example, that running game before opening the other props open the Lodge store, not a black screen and then pull 16. no money to buy a bird, in the New World very convenient solution to buy a hot air balloon. . Where birds can fly as long as the balloon can fly 17. E-mail to send the secret things very slow and in fact, like bank transfers and greater things sent by the slower acceptance in a place like the 18. People automatically follow the method of the two ab someone to open play against, b, but not equipped with bow equipped with arrows, auto attack a, a walk around b will follow a 19. the client-side compression methods like under the latest client, is going up in general have a great 21. human exploration 20 hours left the task skill is 6:30 到 7:30 stint is 12:30 到 13:30 describes the right is 18:30 到 19:30 the next scan is 0:30 到 1:30 11 stipple the right order of description or lower right upper left 22. to prevent the housing with the wrong price method and the method to know what sold the wrong price often happens, in fact, is there a way to prevent the mabinogi gold1. Standard prior to the price of housing set out in 2 to reject any person. After setting a good price to door search for his name to see their ad order a 3 by price. Sure there are no standard error after the opening of this method is suitable for any person to enter a variety of housing price The way to know what to sell before someone said that before leaving a ~ slightly ~ and then cut a figure not out looking for that figure to know 23. Luo odd bargain shops or houses linked to common sense things that every general is able to speak more than 100w under the ~ 5w saved later because the other checks need to 5w, so drop by check 5w trading and selling is the same as 20w 400w erase what is very reasonable 24. characters and more labor-saving way to get a gift ~ so slightly backwards to take as long as the election last time substitutions like, do not wheel another pet after the call set shortcut keys, shortcut keys wrapped all in much faster than before 25. group of friends to talk ways to click on the chat window, the name behind friends can point out a small bar, and select group of friends can chat slightly 26. Treatment Spa Toxin into the property if the bubble is still not restored, then He Yao poisoning prompted again until the foam to OK 27. Clothing success rate and level of relationship ~ (Clothing has nothing to do with dex Oh) successful week 1 results and skill level difference of 8 and 86% less 84% difference in skill level below 7 83 % difference between 85% and 6 the following skill levels 83% and 81% skill level difference of 5 and 81% less 79% 4 The following skill level difference between the 79% and 77% difference in skill level 3 and below 77% and 74% difference between the two the following 72 skill levels % difference between 75% and the skill level 1 and the following 71% 74% 70% the same skill level and skill level difference of 73% 54% 58% 1 more than the job level in more than 39% difference between the 2 skill level difference of 42% and above 27% 29 3 difference of 4% and skill level over 21% and 19% skill level difference of 5 or more 12% of the difference between 13% and skill level 6 or 7% 7% and 7 skill level difference of more than 3% difference between 3% and 8 skill levels above 1% 1 % 28. on the camp to take the knowledge for the new card is small. . Best to find a friend with the past, or ~ buy gold in the Dun Balun Extension Adams wings, so you can “run” to the elf village, or go to a giant village, where on it should be noted that when the camp after the foot and color can not be deleted holding. . cheap mabinogi money30. Hippopotamus friends get method, six animal training not available at present, only the darkness of dk over control of C 6 + animal training to be successful is very strange. . 31. Kaguai ~ Lodge set so that the real monster will also be trees, rocks, stuck like fire 32. Fast train to find a treatment dk (dark ride) so he Diaoxie 500 times to knock back the blue treatment it> v buy mabinogi gold46. Jacquelina stone can be dug into the film world (Presley than rock) 47. The task of finding Ai Hala need to fight the purple fruit (a strange tree, the tree down after the fight made strange) .. symbol on the map is dark blue, other fruit useless 48. main experimental task to obtain the wreckage of the time, the time to enter the time Zhunaierlin -00 points to 03 points – remains of an alchemical experiment Ai Erlin time -03 am to 06 points – 2 Ai Erlin remnants of alchemical experiment time -06 points to 09 points – remnants of alchemical experiment time -09 3 Ai Erlin am to 12 pm – 4 Ai Erlin remnants of alchemical experiment time -12 points to 15 points – 5 Ai Erlin remnants of alchemical experimental point of time -15 to 18 points – remnants of alchemical experiment time -18 am to 6 Ai Erlin 21:00 – remnants of alchemical experiments Ai Erlin time -21 points 7 to 00 points – remains of 849 alchemical experiments. hit pillars, street lighting, can summon pets to help fight the fruit 50. Wizard of weapons after the expiry of social feeding is not eating anything will increase the experience and ability to feed the same as any of the full, increase the capacity of the goods or precious stones are invalid 51. fence shadow world of practice can do scouts rescue mission, free to take the fence 52. Some poison cloud can use the treatment to their own Add protection to reduce DOT 53. with a stiff Technology

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