Mabinogi Features

NPC appearing in the game there is friendliness set, LED Light Strip,(mabinogi money) even if you are willing to be their relatives or friends Oh! “Rocky” the world’s NPC have a memory function, according to the degree of friendship with which players have different responses and help. Players can chat, or by way of gifts and games in the NPC to promote relations, and with each other to talk and set up a secret friendship.
 Reached under certain conditions also have the opportunity to play the year’s NPC wishes to complete their unfinished Oh! Players understand that you can introduce some NPC NPC favorite gift, a gift by sending the appropriate NPC and you can effectively increase the degree of friendship. Eat fresh food, but also have trouble eating too much Oh! Characters over time there will be Hunger, a long time without food if the direct impact on the role of the physical, Shanghai private detectives, when the decline will affect the physical wood-chopping, sheep shearing, learn skills or attacks, the efficiency of movement Oh, and the number of times, some special dishes may also affect the growth of the upgrade status of people.
 And consumption of food will directly affect the role of the body, so the appropriate number of fresh food consumption of the health and growth of the role is very important, it seems reasonable diet is also the game a compulsory course in the Oh! Players can refer back to develop the food effect part of the role of his beloved. Recollection of the process of school to return to the beautiful childhood memories! When you want to learn various skills to the University when the school would be it. Whether fighting skills or magic skills, the teacher will be carefully taught. In the “Rocky” of the world there are many skills are only a general idea but can not be used, and through the school can quickly grasp the skills of those not familiar with, coupled with exercise can make the skills of the field entirely their own.
 Received early in the game to go to college lectures, but an important way to master the skills of Oh! As for how to learn skills through classes in the following tasks for all novice detailed description of your case will happen for new users to read this part of the Oh! I would make clothes out of Need for it? I will lead the game in fashion? In the “Rocky” of the world, learn to make clothes and skill by shearing, spinning, weaving, and then made into clothes. And can make their own clothes to sell the same clothes production process according to the different color or price will change, (mabinogi gold)in addition to clothes, the game can also learn a variety of other production skills, be able to do a lot of items out of Oh!
 As for how to make clothing and the materials needed to produce clothing and other items will be introduced in later parts of illustration, if you aspire to be a good tailor, and that understanding of this part is essential. Study break rolls, Leather Shopping Bag, getting a God! “Rocky” has hundreds of books. Introduction from the game to the people of the world’s private little secret, sand table operation and application of play therapy training, rich in content. Player in school search and seize information, but also make their own characters to develop properties through intensive reading of books and related skills points. If you do not understand something or encounter difficulty in learning the skills, we recommend that you go to a bookstore to buy the book to refer to, would be helpful.
 And may be learned from the book, some little-known secret! But how to tell what is practical books? Can be found in the book describes some of the answers you want. The title of super-Xuan, giving you the full sense of accomplishment! When you reach the appropriate conditions for the title, your name in front of the free crown can selectively automatically give you the title, these titles have their special attributes. For example, the player has reached the age of 18 years, the system will automatically be given “adult” in the title; 10-year-old bear will be successful down the “10-year-old bear down” in the title; these titles will be included with the corresponding property, so the game is to collect these titles a great pleasure.
The game comes with the title and its effects will be part of the title to you to interpret results. Note: Bear, but “Rocky” the biological world, (cheap mabinogi money)a strong Oh, great size, and since it is easy to see steely claws can easily tear their prey. Therefore, the age of 10 will beat it, a symbol of strength and wisdom you are the perfect combination. Once upon a time there is a feeling? Players can not understand the strange and familiar, Pipe Fittings, and in the “Rocky” with the world, whether friends or casual game players will meet in front of your name on the title of interest, through the titles can understand your capacity, preferences and so on.
Title will allow other players know you also allows you to care for the players, Unique LED Light, narrow the distance between us, Dynamo Flashlight. Under the stars in the charming, we were sitting around the campfire memories of past joy! In the silence of the night under the stars … charming … the quiet forest … you can invite friends from afar, with sitting around the campfire, sharing delicious food, listen to the intoxicating music, the Shanghai research firm; spent together This wonderful romantic evening of lower primary mathematics teaching and the use of the game. Sometimes you can put some fireworks to decorate the night sky, everything is so perfect!
A wide range of life skills in the game for you to create a romantic environment as realistic as, Power LED Bulb, will introduce some life skills you how to create an atmosphere Shoubashoujiao and the environment. High degree of freedom for development, classification of Chinese web games, colorful games are at your journey to create! Players can choose according to their individual roles in the growth direction of the game, or become invincible warrior aspect in battle, or a force of nature to understand the great magician, or a laugh to bring people to wander around the bard, or a Lonely Yehe hermit-like, or as erudite elderly, extreme free game settings, set your heart to become the most desirable real life! Creative way to start the game the game will be given to the role of self-life, will be your interpretation of other forms of life.
The role of the mysterious, enigmatic creature, indicates what? In the game you will find many mysterious phenomena, such as in the game to guide your girl na black children, often times you will be critical to help her; the day to help busy people to do errands for pigeons and owls trees near the village home to sleep with the fat birds and what kind of relationship with it?(buy mabinogi golds) These puzzles will find your answer in the game in person, there is only one truth!

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