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“Mabinogi” Inside the game introduces new version of the food articles

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Doing well prepared before cooking, first production tool,(mabinogi money) you can buy at the grocery store, “spatula,” “pot,” “rolling pin”, “knife” and the “chopping block tables.” According to the production of different dishes, using different tools, such as making pasta need to use a rolling pin and cutting board table, scrambled eggs when they need to use a spatula and pan. Note: The cooking tools are not endurance, is not repaired.

There are many types of cuisine, in addition to basic food, but want to learn from other cooking methods to the bookstore will be purchased Layla skills books. Materials, in accordance with the requirements of food, can go to the store to buy, you can go wild collection. Are ready to start after dinner. Use of cooking skills, select the “cooking method”, braised or steamed to see your personal preferences, and then put food materials, attention can only put up to three different materials, and will determine the number into the quality of food.

 Can be finalized, so that a delicious dishes to do, how about, is not it great sense of accomplishment? But if your skill is not good,(mabinogi gold) cooking methods or materials correctly, you might be doing the dishes out of a failure of paste products. “Rocky” will be held March 22 update to the chapter The Dark Knight, then in addition to the original gray wolf, brown fox, South Korea, short-haired cat, yellow, golden road dogs, Belarus, Blue Cat, Dalmatians, herbs, pigs, fire White Spider, Aries, and 10 cows and other pets, the century will continue to offer 7 Tiancheng new pet: “white gold multi-dog”, “South Korea brown Shorthair Cat”, “Labrador,” ” silver fox “,” mini-Doberman “,” Samoyed “and” Border Collie. ” More commonly known as Snowball, white gold dog, with a snow white hair. Although the small size but very robust. After growth of white gold and more dogs and other pets also can be used as rocket dog the skills to help the owner.

Dogs are basically white and yellow gold and more gold and more about dogs, but pet dogs as physical, life time value and calls the dog to be more than the more yellow gold, and the balance of various state value very well, so had to buy yellow gold many dog people will use it again. White gold and more dog owners can not only enhance the strength and value of life can also bring greater harm to each other. Erin Brown Shorthair in South Korea and South Korea, short-haired yellow cat is basically the same type of difference is that it’s short hair is brown. It is very smart and good at using magic, and the frequency of use is also very high.(cheap mabinogi money) Brown short-haired cat with South Korea’s own value or physical value of life compared to the value and intellectual growth of its magic very fast, and it has a wild power and physical strength than other cats to be superior, with a long call time , and its own activities to leave the owner without any problems. If you have brown short hair cat with the help of South Korea, not only allows the owner of the mind becomes more flexible, but also more damage to the enemy.

Labrador is famous as a hunting hound, they are very active, stronger than the golden road dogs, and their superior physical strength. After growth, like other dogs can be rocket skills to help owner. Labrador has a strong shoulder and stretch the limbs, the main fact in his custody can be a good item, large or small items stored in it can be assured there. If you want to move in a dangerous area larger items, or Erin husband and tailor made mine, then the Labrador Retriever is your best choice. Silver Fox and petite than ordinary foxes, so the item box capacity is also small, but the wild it has a strong attack power, its value and strength of life is also very abundant, a wolf or a dog than the average are better at hunting . Especially in the host Silver Fox grew up next to the arrow will not only mine, but also use their skills Frostbolt rocket skills.

The most important thing is to substantially increase the owner of the attack and intellectual values,(buy mabinogi gold) the owner has a great help. The Silver Fox has grown a lot more than any other pet skills.