Mabinogi: Our Ways of Making Money (1)

Mabinogi Gold is growing concern that people had. Has recently come to a lot of new players on the way to make money is not fully understand. And many articles written to help the experience, but also is easy to mislead the novice and the fight against novice self-confidence. So today we are here to tell you of our ways to earn money in Mabinogi.

This is no class method: 1. Sell coarse and fine-line: This method is suitable for archers. Textile is a plus agile archer needs. Parcel is 60 grids, which means that groups can get 60 or 15 groups of spider silk wool. In the absence of upgrades, the success rate calculation of their 55. 33 thin 5 thick lines, thin semi-group of Group 3 thick line, and their value is 23100 or 7500.
2. Sell ore fragments in game(Mabinogi powerleveling): This is the most convenient to the money the quickest and most stable way. However, because so many people, the price is also floating, so there may be some discounting of income. However, people are really taking this path can be an instant riches. Started to buy tools for at least 4 months before they may be filled with backpacks while the remaining 52 grid 60 grid.

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