Requiem Rogue Skills: Doppleganger Magic

To get this Rogue Skills, the Doppleganger Magic in Requiem. The Minimum Requirements is level 48, and skill mastery 38.
Skill(requiem lant) that summons a clone to fight by your side. Attacks at standard attack speed (1.7 with swords); Cant be buffed; Cant be healed; Can select its targets; Select it’s modes: preemtive attack, defend or manual; Can use while stealthed; Movement needs abit of work; Gives around 50% more dps, definatly worth getting; It has the same HP as me so about 1.5k; he walks really slow. At level 1 it lasts 30 mins.

Defensive mode you have to be like real close to a mob to make it attack(this is prolly a bug). Doppel ganger cannot be put to sleep(need to test with a higher level templar) it can be stunned, it can be feared. Doppel ganger does 1 damage (yes one) to those who has shield with decent block rates (pvp) this is actually a shadow hunter skill, it goes all the way to level 10 (level93 doppel) which is good damage. And by then you be 93 anyway, so for assassins we are stuck with level(Requiem powerleveling) 5 doppel.

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