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The Lodge is realisti Mabinogi

Monday, April 25th, 2011

At first glance, mabinogi moneythis **** is no prominent place. Neither a perfect world, gorgeous, Fantasy Westward Journey and no perfect system. But when you really touch the ****, it’s comic style will grip you. Today, most ****** ****s have adopted the bright coloring, although you can make the picture more lively, lovely, but it is stripped of stable and atmosphere. The Lodge is realistic + Q version uses comic art style, when the sun shines on the body when it is absolutely fabulous. I have already mentioned earlier, this **** is the use of cartoon style.

This rich atmosphere, give people a different kind of feeling, funny yet stable, beautiful without losing the atmosphere, perhaps the most unique. And it’s screen is very close to life, a variety of exquisite attention to detail, make you feel the **** really fun. Simple shortcut bar and function keys, the screen did not cover the fine, and, interface colors can also change color according to personal preference. Such a good **** play is very simple, both support “and a mouse take the world”, and shortcut keys can also be used with.

However, some difficult **** to get started, pre-task (especially elves) some difficulty, but it also happens to increase the **** fun, unlike other ****s,mabinogi gold as long as you can get away with that running around. Another feature of this **** is not professional restrictions, you can learn all the skills are a times, but you have to look at your wallet enough drum Oh! But I suggest that you not do that, because although there is no occupational restrictions, but The points race still has good melee people, war on the elves, as well as explosive and strong giants, and of course each have their own characteristics, some skills learned to no avail. People will also grow as the **** slowly, at first can choose 10 to 17 years, and of course they are not the same oh … the ability to Rocky skills divided into two: passive and active.

 As the name implies, the initiative is like fighting skills and the like, but just add some passive attribute. And during the fight, if the release of skills during the monster attack, then the skills will become invalid, but do not worry, there are classes like the back of the monster skills can bounce, but the skills you will be a monster Be careful oh …:) Lodge attracts me most is the underground city adventure,mabinogi gold Daguai in the wild, sometimes you may find some “so and so remains entrance”, click enter, they’ll enter the underground city, is a break through the barrier system, is the final hurdle BOSS slightly, but I suggest a small rookie or not to go, and where the blame is not a vegetarian … but when you do not want to come out anxiously for export (which would only further and further deep), just out of the **** came out automatically . Lodge also can play music, buy music, get a musical instrument can play the beautiful music, you can share with partners around ~ ~ (I learned this after a dislocated jaw in amazement ..) Lodge difficult side of the upgrade, the 20 people previously had a novice can do a better upgrade, the future depends on your own. You can contacts tasks, you can group a few friends went wild Daguai, anyway, Happy thing is to play the ****!

 Play Lodge is the most troublesome point AP, that is, skill points. Lodge is a very large degree of freedom of the ****, as long as you trigger the relevant keywords, what skills can learn, but AP points are very limited, so how to choose the appropriate skills is key to play the ****. Although I have played this long ago, but basically the new white one, it does not, but also made mistakes of the past, what skills can be upgraded and I’ll give it to upgrade, completely forgotten the need to consider whether it points to spend AP . When the city the other day I put in the ground with the blow back into practice can be upgraded all the time, my cup with the discovery of the last five AP practice by me in the “rest” skills, while I basically do not have the skills, buy mabinogi goldthe = = really regretted having ah … …

Mabinogi Raiders complete novice

Monday, April 11th, 2011

I remember when the Lodge at a loss just to play, running the site investigation, are not completely gone, though a small point bending, may still have a lot of trouble, and today I write to you the full version! Applicable to novice-type! Profound not write, writing can not read ~! Made the best time to No. 10-year-old character with a week 6 after 12 noon will increase the age, the younger the more points to the AP, AP point Adds 1 to 1:00 into the game the first novice to do the task, is to be done, there are about a few tasks Note:mabinogi money the red diamond on the map there will be four-square, which is fighting to complete the task of the NPC proficient: into the game soon The first task will, went to school to find teachers, Leonard, talking, playing stakes, skills can be upgraded even if the task is complete. Point of talking to him to pay the task, and then point the task button, the shortcut keys Q point bonus related task is completed it will be. Defense skills: mastery of the above done there after fighting a defensive skills to understand tips, you can now practice, the point of skill options, upgrades, you learn the windmill skills: both finished first, do not go above that point and then Leonard point of the dialogue on the task of hand skills to do the task prompt to see the task is to understand people are looking blow skills: Windmill done, or not go, Leonard did not see behind the magic cottage, called Rasa go in only one MM is the dialogue on skills to a book, take a look and intensive, can not reproduce to continue intensive reading, reading skills until the rest Skills: Laura went to the hotel, point to talk about the skills, then use what skills, use of the skills can be upgraded after the upgrade then ask her to talk to complete, finished after the first go, there is a door behind him, that is, inside the hotel, go in, have a uncle, point to talk to him about skills, skills of the memorandum will appear bonfire option, this will science, is essential to make friends bubble MM! Now you can go, how to learn fire skills? So read the following to say it big brother (sister) is still first, because your strength is not enough now! Pick wild fruit: for novice small physically, it is a very laborious task, but rewarding for the novice Renxia can do … hit the tree falling, not very well do the green beads – logging tasks: done The above tasks will soon give this task, and hit the road lights, off the last point to complete the task, will trigger a logging coupons logging tasks, go with the red box on the map guide, I do not say where, right? Or say, map the lower left corner of the Dugard corridor, run down, that NPC so far, the dialogue in the mission to look after the tree cut 6 pieces of wood to complete! Beat brown fox: After logging in to this task must, playing 10 dumplings fox, playing it, if not blind to see some brown fox where ~ fool, that is around you! Start using the skills learned above, the first combat tour now! Shaguai only pay attention to this game …… technology, technology major, first set up shortcuts scrapping the fox, in fact, short of a counter-attack ability for good, to learn the words must be strange to look back Society, it is easy, always learn to play the fox fight wolves, usually by counter-attack immediately after blow, and then defensive back, defensive back …. after the operation well and you will not die … of course windmill Well, unfortunately not on the other windmill connected skills, but also said DOT …. following the development direction of your soldiers, under normal circumstances there is an optional 2 directions, one blow fighters, by definition, the main increase hit , pay attention to a strike succeeded, spike each other, even if he has to beat to death his half-dead, the first two kinds of attacks is high windmill warrior, the Lord added a windmill, range attack, swept away a large area. There crit warrior, the Lord will crit, with a high crit weapon killing, violence you vertigo, it is best to set about crit effect, do not use, or flash your blind! This game is not a single soldier Master of the points. Freedom to develop, mabinogi goldso in order to be all over Lodge to learn magic skills, Frostbolt rocket must learn, learn to play the Rockets BOSS, Frostbolt learned Daguai, magic may be a bit expensive, but you will feel much better and better earn, so magic is not a problem! (When I play when called magic skills ….) As for the noble archers, not used much to say. Well, continued leveling, the Lodge Azeri are good, the general experience that will take you to master Zuitian, put weapons on them are also small KISS, to go to the well, have a skill, good luck , is estimated to be less than if you are a little a little money now, there is a visit to Dun Balun task, with that, the map has been down the logging market has been down again, the red box with this guide to complete the task, go to weapon shop buy a stick, 1-45 attacks, good for you to take to kill wolves, kill wolves when attention! Can go to the ranch where the task is to cut the wool, maps, top right, find the little that is called Madison GG, sell him a team mission scroll, there are 30 wolves to get money to kill the task, the task must be carried out 2 people, After the buy point reel learn fire skills, his dialogue with a ~ HOHO point of conversation, memo, tap the skills to find fire, and then received a mandate to kill five gray wolves, kill it, to complete the task by fire skills ~ -. – ~! Well, kill wolves it, to find the best teammates, according to F shortcut keys, there will be friends box, the following has a team option, point, set the process name of the brush wolf, if someone was on the point of convening group The following members elected to the Minnesota task of the task team began the ~ will then be prompted to kill enough, press the fast button to complete the task to be rewarded Q point, a quick brush of the afternoon, there 1W fetched it, run Dun Balun weapons shop to buy the deformation sword, you will find the original so good to play Minnesota. Note that there can be few tips on weapons combo 2 combo 3 combo and divided, in fact, can be 4 3 combo attacks, 2 to 3 times a batter to batter, to see technology, and start with two connected strike weapons, set shortcut keys A manual attack automatic and manual exchange, after cutting about pause, take a good time! After you cut your feet look good, at the previous step, so your feet come back quickly to cut, it will then cut 2 knives. 4 with 3 combo weapons: After cut 2 to pause and then cut 2 knives. OK for the first time may be a bit difficult, time after successful easy. Novice to go on the underground city have become, some people went to play with no one to go with his team, may not be easy, but is also very interesting with many novice, and the team to the underground city have to stand on a table after the captain is still a thing go lightly on, slowly play. Here to talk about fighting skills, the first blow must be, immediately after cutting back, watching the strange reflection of the skills if it is used, then standing still is fighting back, cancel it went back around the windmill, will then use the ice magic Magic is also playing it over and then back into, which is commonly known as anti-ice Shaguai method, detailed below. If it is around your cruise is to explain its defense, and to cancel the trade, ran to blow it, if it is to use the skills like you rushing, then counter-attack and can continue to fight back, not to fight back to the chop it, rest assured, the result must be it fly out! These are low-level blame, not the general windmill windmills …. all the ice will be reversed. Not much to say that if the kill enough wolves had the right line, then go up brush Black Wolf ranch, should also have a friend, and called on, buy a scroll to open brush, an afternoon revenue 1W, 3W, which are the time for you to leave money Xinshoucun time! Killed during the White Wolf, wolf brown, clean up underground city Purcell, clear mission in Iraq than the underground city have done. Ice Magic is also studied, therapy is essential! There Heal, Heal when you use the black blood, usually to a teammate with, of course, his teammates gave you, you sit down, use your teammates to double effect! How? To therapy, undressed, fox wiped some blood, and then into the therapy room, looking for treatment of what nurses learned MM! 90 Ocean ~! Ha ha ha ha the title of the problem, kill the bear will bring 10 years of age, you can find someone to help you revive the kill, to kill the logging camps around the bears, brown bears killed to find the best ~ ~ kill themselves to kill the bear does not matter, if the 4-day trial playing time not to have children of the resurrection Na can be used, if after the resurrection on the spot, do not mean that point of experience, and get it to say! There is a banshee down the task will come next, the current limited capacity of hard on you to bring the title ~ Let us take the salute to the marching Bangor! A long road sit ~ If you have Xingyue Door to door every day 6 am 6 pm to open the door to close, schedule a prompt, to where today, tomorrow, where no flights (Bangor Xingyue Door), then on direct running, went to Dun Balun stroll, a line there are many players put the carpet, and if more money, then you can stroll, but we must stay 3W! Money is also fun to stroll. I will do every morning and evening, call it a walk to the mall. Laid down to London right after, to the Gaults plains, continue down the road a long heritage, you can stroll, have a long heritage on the right Rhine Stuart, remember well, after leveling is your place to make money, and the following is Bangor, go after the new music sounded ~ -. – ~! ! Find a blacksmith’s shop, that MM did not met, Irene, looking for her to buy the two-handed, very outgoing MM. Then the task is over, a lot of experience, is the transformation of what weapons casually about transformation -. – ~! Well, the current equipment is not important that the weapons began, fine brush to the road! Take up arms go, the task team ==cheap mabinogi money ~ bought scrolls, is the junction of the little GG, small priest ha ha ha ha, to the outside of the Gaults Bangor Stuart embarked on the Rhine plain! It was a brush with him the opening set, there will be camping during Shaguai punished! Punishment of up to 50% of the full experience Elf 150, if the punishment for you … the experience of only 75 ….. so talk about how to escape the punishment camp, camping punishment by definition is a place for you in a long time Shaguai , say, Stuart Rhine is a circle, do not go straight back to the killing has become, because it is a circle, not to kill the first ha ha ha ha ha, you can brush 5W it an afternoon, buy a big gold bag! Out of the ordinary leather, do not, high-grade leather, the price we have Evans 4000 a server, the most high-grade leather 1W2, in short supply, not afraid of selling, see your luck! Collection of brush fires burned with a knife can be released is still in the fire, and equipment can all be burned, and 800 + of experience, reincarnation, when I save a few to directly burn 13! If dissatisfied with the status quo, ah, you can go to see the underground city rabbis, and more team to see, if it is low-level rabbis, generally into a 7-10W experience can earn more and more talk about how to fight skeletons, with Anti-ice, one to start with careful argument with ice magic, counter, and then immediately added ice magic, skeletons stood up after the ice, if it has the skills to be chilled to disappear and not worry about it standing still, and immediately counterattack This is the anti ice, killing Do not worry, quickly added the ice, because there will be another skeleton found in you, see who is head of a big sigh, ice, and vice versa, until the monster in the room until the call ended, There is a metal skeleton will windmill, be careful, spiders and snakes to play with a normal attack + defense, if you see spiders or snakes with the skills to immediately blow on the right, because they will no longer use the defense …… meet, then you can go to another world brush red beads and silver beads, and red beads Lord more proficient, which is the skeleton, the strength is stronger than the rabbi, be careful to meet, a lot of experience and silver beads, leveling the place, now you can not go , do not say, and there can go to stroll with master! There is turned Paladin, you can go directly to the mayor’s house to find the cat jumped in the past, you can finish the main quest, but very tedious, but to something good, the title is very good, so if you want to jump, skip To exit the G1 look after the jump came in G2, otherwise there is no option to skip G2, and then point the cat then the task of Paladin skills, cleaning armor Purcell. You will go into a wolf, buy mabinogi goldto say the least, the final BOSS is a great white wolf, has been playing it, and sometimes is completely defensive, hit it, it was to speak until the weak say I like the power, then you can Diaoxie , martial arts are not afraid of heart, wear it to death! Ah, to this point you should not be a novice, and grew up, the Lodge of the world waiting for you to explore more things, and slowly discover it!