The Lodge is realisti Mabinogi

At first glance, mabinogi moneythis **** is no prominent place. Neither a perfect world, gorgeous, Fantasy Westward Journey and no perfect system. But when you really touch the ****, it’s comic style will grip you. Today, most ****** ****s have adopted the bright coloring, although you can make the picture more lively, lovely, but it is stripped of stable and atmosphere. The Lodge is realistic + Q version uses comic art style, when the sun shines on the body when it is absolutely fabulous. I have already mentioned earlier, this **** is the use of cartoon style.

This rich atmosphere, give people a different kind of feeling, funny yet stable, beautiful without losing the atmosphere, perhaps the most unique. And it’s screen is very close to life, a variety of exquisite attention to detail, make you feel the **** really fun. Simple shortcut bar and function keys, the screen did not cover the fine, and, interface colors can also change color according to personal preference. Such a good **** play is very simple, both support “and a mouse take the world”, and shortcut keys can also be used with.

However, some difficult **** to get started, pre-task (especially elves) some difficulty, but it also happens to increase the **** fun, unlike other ****s,mabinogi gold as long as you can get away with that running around. Another feature of this **** is not professional restrictions, you can learn all the skills are a times, but you have to look at your wallet enough drum Oh! But I suggest that you not do that, because although there is no occupational restrictions, but The points race still has good melee people, war on the elves, as well as explosive and strong giants, and of course each have their own characteristics, some skills learned to no avail. People will also grow as the **** slowly, at first can choose 10 to 17 years, and of course they are not the same oh … the ability to Rocky skills divided into two: passive and active.

 As the name implies, the initiative is like fighting skills and the like, but just add some passive attribute. And during the fight, if the release of skills during the monster attack, then the skills will become invalid, but do not worry, there are classes like the back of the monster skills can bounce, but the skills you will be a monster Be careful oh …:) Lodge attracts me most is the underground city adventure,mabinogi gold Daguai in the wild, sometimes you may find some “so and so remains entrance”, click enter, they’ll enter the underground city, is a break through the barrier system, is the final hurdle BOSS slightly, but I suggest a small rookie or not to go, and where the blame is not a vegetarian … but when you do not want to come out anxiously for export (which would only further and further deep), just out of the **** came out automatically . Lodge also can play music, buy music, get a musical instrument can play the beautiful music, you can share with partners around ~ ~ (I learned this after a dislocated jaw in amazement ..) Lodge difficult side of the upgrade, the 20 people previously had a novice can do a better upgrade, the future depends on your own. You can contacts tasks, you can group a few friends went wild Daguai, anyway, Happy thing is to play the ****!

 Play Lodge is the most troublesome point AP, that is, skill points. Lodge is a very large degree of freedom of the ****, as long as you trigger the relevant keywords, what skills can learn, but AP points are very limited, so how to choose the appropriate skills is key to play the ****. Although I have played this long ago, but basically the new white one, it does not, but also made mistakes of the past, what skills can be upgraded and I’ll give it to upgrade, completely forgotten the need to consider whether it points to spend AP . When the city the other day I put in the ground with the blow back into practice can be upgraded all the time, my cup with the discovery of the last five AP practice by me in the “rest” skills, while I basically do not have the skills, buy mabinogi goldthe = = really regretted having ah … …

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