Mabinogi gold the power to fire once again raise

The following members elected to the Minnesota task of the task team began the will then be prompted to kill enough,mabinogi gold press the fast button to complete the task to be rewarded Q point, a quick brush of the afternoon, there 1W fetched it, run Dun Balun weapons shop to buy the deformation sword, you will find the original so good to play Minnesota. Note that there can be few tips on weapons combo 2 combo 3 combo and divided, in fact, can be 4 3 combo attacks, 2 to 3 times a batter to batter, to see technology, and start with two connected strike weapons, set shortcut keys A manual attack automatic and manual exchange, after cutting about pause, take a good time! After you cut your feet look good, at the previous step, so your feet come back quickly to cut, it will then cut 2 knives. 4 with 3 combo weapons: After cut 2 to pause and then cut 2 knives. OK for the first time may be a bit difficult, time after successful easy. Novice to go on the underground city have become, some people went to play with no one to go with his team, may not be easy, but is also very interesting with many novice, and the team to the underground city have to stand on a table after the captain is still a thing go lightly on, slowly play. Here to talk about fighting skills, the first blow must be, immediately after cutting back, watching the strange reflection of the skills if it is used, then standing still is fighting back, cancel it went back around the windmill, will then use the ice magic Magic is also playing it over and then back into, which is commonly known as anti-ice Shaguai method, detailed below. If it is around your cruise is to explain its defense, and to cancel the trade, ran to blow it, if it is to use the skills like you rushing, then counter-attack and can continue to fight back, not to fight back to the chop it, rest assured, the result must be it fly out! These are low-level blame, not the general windmill windmills …. all the ice will be reversed. Not much to say that if the kill enough wolves had the right line, then go up brush Black Wolf ranch, should also have a friend, and called on, buy a scroll to open brush, an afternoon revenue 1W, 3W, which are the time for you to leave money Xinshoucun time! Killed during the White Wolf, wolf brown, clean up underground city Purcell, clear mission in Iraq than the underground city have done. Ice Magic is also studied, therapy is essential! There Heal, Heal when you use the black blood, usually to a teammate with, of course, his teammates gave you, you sit down, use your teammates to double effect! How?  mabinogi moneyTo therapy, undressed, fox wiped some blood, and then into the therapy room, looking for treatment of what nurses learned MM! 90 Ocean ~! Ha ha ha ha the title of the problem, kill the bear will bring 10 years of age, you can find someone to help you revive the kill, to kill the logging camps around the bears, brown bears killed to find the best ~ ~ kill themselves to kill the bear does not matter, if the 4-day trial playing time not to have children of the resurrection Na can be used, if after the resurrection on the spot, do not mean that point of experience, and get it to say! There is a banshee down the task will come next, the current limited capacity of hard on you to bring the title ~ Let us take the salute to the marching Bangor! A long road sit ~ If you have Xingyue Door to door every day 6 am 6 pm to open the door to close, schedule a prompt, to where today, tomorrow, where no flights (Bangor Xingyue Door), then on direct running, went to Dun Balun stroll, a line there are many players put the carpet, and if more money, then you can stroll, but we must stay 3W! Money is also fun to stroll. I will do every morning and evening, call it a walk to the mall.

abrador is famous as a hunting hound, they are very active, stronger than the golden road dogs, and their superior physical strength. After growth, like other dogs can be rocket skills to help owner. Labrador has a strong shoulder and stretch the limbs, the main fact in his custody can be a good item, large or small items stored in it can be assured there. If you want to move in a dangerous area larger items, or Erin husband and tailor made mine, then the Labrador Retriever is your best choice. Silver Fox and petite than ordinary foxes, so the item box capacity is also small, but the wild it has a strong attack power, its value and strength of life is also very abundant, a wolf or a dog than the average are better at hunting . Especially in the host Silver Fox grew up next to the arrow will not only mine, but also use their skills Frostbolt rocket skills.Reached under certain conditions also have the opportunity to play the year’s NPC wishes to complete their unfinished Oh! Players understand that you can introduce some NPC NPC favorite gift, a gift by sending the appropriate NPC and you can effectively increase the degree of friendship. Eat fresh food, but also have trouble eating too much Oh! Characters over time there will be Hunger, a long time without food if the direct impact on the role of the physical, Shanghai private detectives, when the decline will affect the physical wood-chopping, sheep shearing, learn skills or attacks, the efficiency of movement Oh, and the number of times, some special dishes may also affect the growth of the upgrade status of people. cheap mabinogi money

 And consumption of food will directly affect the role of the body, so the appropriate number of fresh food consumption of the health and growth of the role is very important,, the gun is not the confidence of the soldiers to go with a three-turn, the island has suddenly exploded into the most professional; mark strong flight is natural that the weak had never turn professional after three more on a floor; knife also really powerful one flight; priests become priests, continue to popular; third turn before the three dominant ice thunderbolt was poisoned sword caught in the despair, I turn to ice when the mine as no longer dominate the world, swordsman and the burning is seemingly encountered strong frustration,  it seems reasonable diet is also the game a compulsory course in the Oh! Players can refer back to develop the food effect part of the role of his beloved. Recollection of the process of school to return to the beautiful childhood memories! When you want to learn various skills to the University when the school would be it. Whether fighting skills or magic skills, the teacher will be carefully taught. In the “Rocky” of the world there are many skills are only a general idea but can not be used, and through the school can quickly grasp the skills of those not familiar with, coupled with exercise can make the skills of the field entirely their own. Power LED Bulb, will introduce some life skills you how to create an atmosphere Shoubashoujiao and the environment. High degree of freedom for development, classification of Chinese web games, colorful games are at your journey to create! Players can choose according to their individual roles in the growth direction of the game, or become invincible warrior aspect in battle, or a force of nature to understand the great magician, or a laugh to bring people to wander around the bard, or a Lonely Yehe hermit-like, or as erudite elderly, extreme free game settings, set your heart to become the most desirable real life! Creative way to start the game the game will be given to the role of self-life,buy mabinogi gold will be your interpretation of other forms of life.

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