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Mabinogi in the back or say because most people

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Money to open a version of national service would not be served with the Korean estimate is close to many of the most senior will open it then the 26 version of the open dress would suggest that you go to brush more than one mode SEPTWOLVES FB leveling the other one can make a little money can make a little money then why come in the game when I served in Korea sets of 14 to wear skull worth nothing on the brush to make money red wolf red wolf one team out of feathers, crystal pattern, but not a small sore that time, the swap rate is very significant cause my 14 before the accumulation of a skeleton set of 60W 20W time will open a new level after a to out rate decreased as much as possible so we brush with FB is also a way to make money to stay in the back or say because most people really do those words do not come. third. Equipment Haha key here. playing the game for a second, to technology No more than three to equip Why do you say because everything is number of technical equipment to many words never a problem. So I talk about my experience now I set the fastest time out should be 28 sets of three-piece and 27 weapons people inside the weapons should be the three-piece together my first out of the bar 28 are three-piece looks like is is is 1 to 2 days, 28 sets of half days (faster if there is a message so we know your an expert and people beyond) then so fast so quickly is certainly in the wild brush in order to do the right FB was crazy brush and brush all night I have been here I want to dress open at the same time if we all want to make money fast leveling out the words of equipment under their ability to sign up friends and current account then I probably have 5 account number 3 is empty just to brush under the FB to the silver material. cheap mabinogi moneySo if equipment is more than numbers naturally. fourth. law served in Korea have such a law After each update of new equipment new equipment sold in the material are particularly expensive to buy but there will be down after the next three days several times or even several times so the little brother by the law of that time I made a lot of money (after all been squandered) will not know the national dress is the case estimated that there will be a lot of local tyrants to buy expensive materials like it. fifth. play the game pay attention to methods hey spider had set for the blind brush do not stay in the 24 main sets of results kept the brush around the spider people brush the top of the spiders I was set the task branch off the main line a large portion of the opening trumpet and later tried to recover just a tragedy. So In this I hope we can learn from my lesson and not, even – – Here all the talk about the way it left off the main quest coins. quests can trumpet to trumpet, then people with other people (with other people who had low-level pay silver FB served in Korea for some time will hit the KoreanSo hey I used a stick for a person who knows all) quests can buy the materials needed to buy materials, then out of it if the material you have put aside to improve the equipment and other top was to slow too. In short main priority over the other main line slowly to run everything. In particular, leveling brush Materials and methods Haha this is so many people want to know my friends talk about us one way to bar his brother BT home computer to open Internet cafes .. Well he did not lack so he found a studio that studio looks like Heroes do not do the game a more than 40 accounts buy mabinogi gold Ever since he was all over the acquisition -. – BT has happened is that he chose to brush 4 polar bear 4 FB Eye for bear its own large machine that guy with the trumpet into the top FS brush leveling coin bears all eyes with small brush to the final eye more than 1,000 eye then have a bear to imagine what more than 5,000 gold No. 40 brush for a month so you do not listen to the brush .. there is no money for this equipment, I do have to ask that he borrowed more money – – scared me to death, but such a method of hope that we do what BT.
The task of automatically receive Diouf (Ken Nusi Arena NPC) are ancient irinid keywords, the task is completed. This keyword and NPC dialogue can wait a while to hear the dialogue can Diouf will give you a task, then go to the ancient medals he received, the task is completed * characters in order to receive the task to be in the field (other than Dungeon) Kasi Antonia trust (Elf village) lost the wizard to complete the task of exploring. Casual with a spirit of three lost all rows. Because, after exploring the lost wizard will automatically receive an exploration task, the wizard to Kasi Antonia, you must first point to complete the task of Kasi Antonia, again lost the wizard to complete the exploration task, or can not be completed (it is said in May 19 maintenance fixes this problem) 3. Huckle topic (Wizard of the village bank NPC) sketch the portrait of the regional boss, must personally go to painting, the original sketch of the desert is not drawing dragons and Yifulite, May 19 updated revised sketch remains the guardian and stone horse guards (Lunjia sites), obtained after completion of the book keywords irinid 4. irinid book dialogue with irinid Eric Faulkner are three keywords (New World camp to sell tickets that NPC), each keyword will give you a task to complete a free, drop out, then you can go back and change to another task. Mascherano can not get during the explorers titles Task 1: large wild animals: Sketch Mascherano 8 great wild areas of the regional boss, must be great shorthorn huge Longhorn gold tail mongoose Desert wolf spider pattern gold kiwi huge forest mushroom spider goldgold forest lizard in the order drawn Task 2: Big worm’s secret: big worm down must be complete to obtain finish Task mabinogi money Mize sites: Mize plain light stone Gargoyle sites. Is the remains of the glowing stone, stone can be bought, can team up to complete, but of course, throwing his stone 5. Giants sneak into the village after the completion of irinid book, the book should irinid weapons to the giant village shop NPC. Use stealth to avoid guards to find him during the course of the mission, and his dialogue, he would not provoke the guards. The book to him after the task is completed. And then remember not to press to complete the task. Otherwise, the next step will be bug 6. Kasi Kasi back to find the warning Antonia Antonia 7. Ancient irinid and the Wizard automatically receive a warning after the task. And Eric Faulkner dialogue to complete the task, and then obtain the ancient book of medals collected irinid. Wand with L explore the chest by a total of 15 medals, Llano district 9, Ken Nusi region 6, will be accompanied by a strong chest monster. medals and the relationship between the monster is not clear. Medal of real time change 12:01 every night. Mascherano will be the emergence of day 3, Ken Nusi region 2 configuration. that is, to do this task at least 3 days (May 19 amendment has nothing to do with the week, and 1 day to complete ) Medal of non-tradable, can not be made by bank transfer, so the Lodge can only be made to explore their own Heroes.mabinogi gold Unlike the other games to kill a lot of experience Shaguai to most of the game experience to the task here As I talk to you the experience level of the ratio of each bar in the Lodge Heroes each level, there will be a branch of the task at this level and each branch of a task is limited so do not let you finish the rise after this one based on individual Experience it to conclude the task of each branch of the experience level of incentives to achieve the level of 50% of the experience. some people will doubt the rest of the experience of how to do I can clearly tell you brush from the main tasks and their free FB to the (what FB is not for free What is the silver coin is the fatigue FB values) then there is a FB I can recommend to you perhaps played a lot of people know it anyway should be the FB of the model will with your life know that you do not play until the Heroes is one of the FB model red wolf FB single brush, then I will be able to swords when five single-action brush the good fight child abuse law of a random control (specifically, information on how to play their own investigation to) the fastest time of 3 minute brushing it could not open the door to kill only a small BOSS strange not to fight red wolf helmet swords 3 minute time Blessings remember is that this experience of a 2W So this is a good way. described later also to kind of keep this approach because most people really can not handle that. second.