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Sunday, August 28th, 2011

The Lodge of the G3 is finally done!, the Lodge referred to Chapter III of the main line of the circumstances, and this is where Rocky attracted me, it is a very unique network RPG games = W = ~ (main plot only the purchase the services of players can do, mabinogi money so this week specifically to buy a “dream life”, by the way stone to re-establish the union, so that special little flame blowing they can successfully join ~ XD) Speaking of the main line of the process is really long … … before me, I do not remember how to do that is a = s like two or three started to play the afternoon, probably about six to reach the door BOSS, efficiency is good ha = W = ~ in front of the photo BOSS – Do not look at two small … … all on the thousands of combat strongmen, I am most weak OTZ … … but not switch because of hanging for too long, is called condensate child is “Auntie”, depressed … … Jiu reincarnation go tomorrow! 47, rose almost fixed the … … or I’m too lazy to rise a = =into BOSS room, on the on the Morant and Lula Li … … … … Now that it’s Lulu really are and a lot of difference when the G1 was only that he is a lump, do not worry too mindless way … … with the G2 results in the disclosure of his personal life, and he and his younger brother, moving between Love (Keke =__,=+), and G3 in the “fallen” into a huge Dark Knight really change … … … … … … … … Meng getting it! ! =this the most exciting animated than Lula Li and Tarlac’s reunited! > mouth <~ Although G2 sprouting when I was on the brother, but thought Lulu and Tata is a perfect match ah!! ~ then pour son and her husband has almost Morant K dead … … but Because the story needs, cut into the middle of the animation, there has been an unexpected helper – “because other things delayed, so late. anling … … Yes, I will help! “It is moving (the couple) reunion – what a soulful call ah … … Tata expression, Tut, a look that is suppressed complex emotions>” <~ Ye Hao Like the look of speechless … … … At this point, silence speaks … … … on the identity of Mary, the first reservation suspense … very mixed feelings, but really … … the legend of the three warriors, like the original G1 experience when it comes to the three of them together through the brush COS underground city experience, is a cozy, like the people (Mary, daughter of Mama Lu father tower = W = ~) … … … … but later went their separate ways … … so the reunion is still on the battlefield, in a hostile position … … Ahhh … … The Tata silent for a tangle of two … … … … Tata still want to persuade Lulu was a change of heart, but Lulu says it’s too late and the like … … and then watching them play in the keyhole mabinogi gold( present on the stage villain BOSS) estimates can not see the people (couples) sweet reunion began to take acidic water + trouble, ready to joined Terri Mariana (Save the girls had Lula Li’s Mozu, G2 stage is key) Shimou Technique for unusual species, like the original Watertown woman bishop by Li Yuen (Lula Li’s brother) calls the body of a giant lava Lulu finally wake up … … So, they are used by the keyhole, and determined to help players, and Tarlac they leave – Ahhh … … really distressed expression Q__Q But let me be the two Meng turned from a firm … … … … Ruta CP of the road, make a fist! ! Then Marian goddess out, and keyhole half whining, P with no … … … … let Lula Li sacrificed! ! ! T III T 5555 … … when the Raiders had to see the official figure was this child was half dead … … Haoteng Haoteng T “T … … Although it is heard to open the main line G7, Lula Li did not die … … but to see still feel good here, heartache … … QAQ Lulu properly you must be safe, do not leave a man ah Tata, otherwise I am sure can not go behind the main line of the … … OTZ results keyhole by Lula Li’s body (tentatively Well … … I do not think Lulu “Death” <) .. … Lula Li, Tarlac, Mary … … in the land of Erin is still circulating the legend of the three warriors … … only her most innocent past, I do not know how many people remember the feeling from … … … … … … PS: G7 quickly re-open main bar … … I have a lot of things that did not understand want to know ah ah ah!! such as bear his brother in the end is affected by how the curse of Mary and how they become a XXX, Lula Li did not die is gone … … faster point to tell me ah ah ah!!! your head against the wall … … diners into the restaurant just to hear the former boxing story. However, this kind of life that the lack of Rocky what he tried to regain boxing license. his The move aroused the attention of heavyweight champion Mason Dixon. a computer simulation shows Dixon Lodge will be defeated. This has not been officially named back merger, which means the competition is only with public events and charity the nature of the competition but the two men, but has a special significance. Dixon needed a victory to restore the popularity tedious, and Rocky has to prove he was not more advanced Lodge Raiders game would be a monster effect of these types of skills have pd, stiff or reduce the time lost. And there are among the skills of grams relationship, such as re-break defense, defense against common attacks, common attacks such as breaking blow. PVP Battle has been launched, with PK, monster The AI ??pretty good, the feeling in the game. BOSS as big as a mountain, and damage is also amazing, Monster will also speak during the attack (woo call 啦 ~), then the sheep has said that the human ~ because GM will be hidden in Therefore, there is no hunting like the middle. Another point, that is to operate, if you do not play, it is likely to be low-level senior strange killed, and if the technology good enough, you can not be beaten to kill low-level Advanced BOSS. Food cooking system, the game will be cooking skills and the future of food systems, in addition to regular meals to increase the degree of satiation (if hungry but can not be chopping wood, sheep shearing, learn skills or attack, and so moves Oh), some of the specific production There may be unexpected dishes out the functions and effects. Knowledge learning system to learn the game most of the skills needed books, reading through the field after the practice will have to be your skills, and skills are up to from the start F-class A 9 to 1 or even higher level, the higher the effect of skill level, the stronger the greater the power consumption of endurance (STA) will be less, and some will become more skills, for example, hit the windmill. and upgrade skills are in addition to required number of AP points, and upgrade the unique requirements, such as defense upgrades will require you to display their defense or attack a monster defense to get a specific number of upgrade eligibility. productive economic system as its MMORPG, Lodge also has its own economic system and related production skills, you can choose to be a tailor, blacksmith, bards, and chefs. Lodge in the production and living system be a top priority to improve the permanent character attribute points only through the appropriate upgrades to enhance life skills to get through the level of increase The level of clearing in the reincarnation of zero after re-calculation. Meanwhile, life skills assistance for essential combat skills, such as textiles, while refining the skills to practice and

improve people’s agile, and agile when you decided to take the bow damage, and balance using a variety of weapons, high-grade life skills often mean more combat capability. Of course, life skills require considerable time and effort to upgrade and AP, for example, need to produce a silk textile skills, the successful production of silk as a senior need to have collected several thousand spider silk. blacksmith skills l piece of metal is consumed in the first order of thousands. smelting skill upgrading need to reach hundreds of dozens of high-level metal smelting Lodge adventure game are every Raiders player a novelty. In addition to the summer solstice (display time on Tuesday), the items will be thrown into the same access to the same underground mabinogi money reincarnation system of the game set the reincarnation, reincarnation skills and skills to retain the property increases, reduction of rank and age, you want to Only this approach increasingly pull! adventure game system, the mainland opened a new adventure, players can get many things through the adventure, you can experience the excitement and fun adventure. the same level of open exploration, adventure ascend the same level can be one or more ap, with the level of growth in exploration and growth, there is a need for every five expedition, if not completed will not be able to reach the next set of types.. turned the system after the players had finished the story must learn incarnations of different races have different incarnations, turned the player will become a lot stronger, but the game time of the day can only be changed once. human beings can have Paladin Dark Knight turned and turned, desert elves and giants are violent incarnations of short wild. wizard weapon system in the course of the game players are often the weapons used to obtain a certain proficiency. when the player weapons proficiency special care to achieve the highest value, the player signed a contract with weapons. profile picture there is no life of cold steel to become a partner in life, players can provide needed items the wizard, the wizard weapons items get more understanding of the world’s forests will be more love and strength will be more powerful. When the wizard to achieve a certain level of weapons (social class 21), can be materialized using the wizard skills, weapons, there are life forms wizard appears to help the players physical combat. elf weapons are unmatched by conventional weapons. Of course the player and the Wizard of weapons is a mutual contract, the player the better treatment of the wizard weapons, the wizard can play along with weapons, the greater the power. (d) version of the game information Lodge (Mabino Lodge Lodge Raiders pre-game, the beta period and the lack of publicity, coupled with the post-publicity rough too low-key, serious in China, leading to low visibility in the Chinese mainland, but Rocky will play the real people know that Rocky be best. As early 2010, February 3, Lodge has been updated to a Chapter XI. gods sword. (e) Minimum configuration requirements CPUPentium3 800MHz 256MB RAM or more above the graphics card GeForce 2 MX, ATI Radeon 7000, Matrox G550, buy mabinogi gold i82865 minimum hard disk space 800M or more recommended 1.5GB-2GB access mode ADSL, cable modem Operating System Windows 98DirectX9 .0 CIEIE special sp1 and install new patches with 6.0 Recommendation

mabinogi Lodge your favorite games

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Selection of the domestic game industry’s highest honor, “Jin Ling Award” began formal vote, this vote will select the 2006 ChinaJoy show the best game works. Century heaven’s “KartRider” and “Rocky” two games in 2006 with a good performance, get a top ten favorite online games, the best Q version network game, mabinogi money best game, and the introduction of Best 3D Online Game of the nomination. In the majority of players and we are very grateful to all sectors of the century, the concern of these two games heaven. “Jin Ling Award” Outstanding Game Award 2006 has been a formal vote on August 22 onwards, like “KartRider” and “Rocky” you the player, please cast your valuable vote hands, for our game on it! In addition, you can draw voters to participate, but also lucky to visit on October 30, “Jin Ling Award” live Oh! The vote in two ways: Players voted one: Mobile phone users to send AT + code to 170 046 [mobile] / 977,746 [China Unicom]; For example: you want to vote “Kart” for the most popular online games sent AT125793 to 170046/977746. (Note: Prizes may participate in real-time feedback activities) Century Tiancheng game radio code at a glance: Favorite online games: “Kart” 125 793 “Rocky” 125 794 Introduced version of the best online games: “Kart” 125 895 “Rocky” 125 896 Best Q version network game: “Kart” 125 947 Best 3D Online Game: “Rocky” 125 921 This is the inside of the Lodge site selection promotion Although I went to cast their votes,mabinogi gold but I am not advertising for them But because a vote to see results KartRider rankings soaring There is no suspense into the top 10, just around the corner into the 3 A The Lodge, is the ability to enter the top 10 are people worried That is the truth Running and I do not want to say why there is such a big gap between the Rocky Prior to that too much, and listened to too much Still did not play any role in the “complaints” only TC not to wear any case the decision-makers to go inside the ear What they continue to put his business policies that stupid They continue to spread the grace that it unattractive If there is no more attractive then the chicken thighs We are also just within our patient Continue eating this tasteless bar I’m just very sorry … … so as to eat a good game is even out TC has become tasteless … … Oh, well … … I saw some screenshots Dungeons & Dragons So that … … I do not want to play this game … … European and American systems of 3D games always make people feel gloomy, cold, grotesque Especially inside the monster,cheap mabinogi money do not look so flattering! I can not appeal to people’s desire YY = = They always want to be inside the characters and how realistic monster However, 3D games, after all, not really such a thing Most of the places they can not achieve the performance edge 3D animation so fine Japanese, Korean games are full of vitality Not only for the cute characters, NPC and monsters have a great affinity Its made with real like a lot like, not as attractive to do the cute little I think this may have a relationship with the cultural area Korean games and even add some special story for you to YY Character, NPC, between the aftertaste is full of ambiguous relationship How should I say – a little more life As for Rocky, buy mabinogi gold I think the game deserved to be one of the best Lodge in South Korea’s ranking can be seen the TC difference is obvious to all of the I thought This vote is for the game itself, not for providers of services So we should support what Rocky = = +