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Selection of the domestic game industry’s highest honor, “Jin Ling Award” began formal vote, this vote will select the 2006 ChinaJoy show the best game works. Century heaven’s “KartRider” and “Rocky” two games in 2006 with a good performance, get a top ten favorite online games, the best Q version network game, mabinogi money best game, and the introduction of Best 3D Online Game of the nomination. In the majority of players and we are very grateful to all sectors of the century, the concern of these two games heaven. “Jin Ling Award” Outstanding Game Award 2006 has been a formal vote on August 22 onwards, like “KartRider” and “Rocky” you the player, please cast your valuable vote hands, for our game on it! In addition, you can draw voters to participate, but also lucky to visit on October 30, “Jin Ling Award” live Oh! The vote in two ways: Players voted one: Mobile phone users to send AT + code to 170 046 [mobile] / 977,746 [China Unicom]; For example: you want to vote “Kart” for the most popular online games sent AT125793 to 170046/977746. (Note: Prizes may participate in real-time feedback activities) Century Tiancheng game radio code at a glance: Favorite online games: “Kart” 125 793 “Rocky” 125 794 Introduced version of the best online games: “Kart” 125 895 “Rocky” 125 896 Best Q version network game: “Kart” 125 947 Best 3D Online Game: “Rocky” 125 921 This is the inside of the Lodge site selection promotion Although I went to cast their votes,mabinogi gold but I am not advertising for them But because a vote to see results KartRider rankings soaring There is no suspense into the top 10, just around the corner into the 3 A The Lodge, is the ability to enter the top 10 are people worried That is the truth Running and I do not want to say why there is such a big gap between the Rocky Prior to that too much, and listened to too much Still did not play any role in the “complaints” only TC not to wear any case the decision-makers to go inside the ear What they continue to put his business policies that stupid They continue to spread the grace that it unattractive If there is no more attractive then the chicken thighs We are also just within our patient Continue eating this tasteless bar I’m just very sorry … … so as to eat a good game is even out TC has become tasteless … … Oh, well … … I saw some screenshots Dungeons & Dragons So that … … I do not want to play this game … … European and American systems of 3D games always make people feel gloomy, cold, grotesque Especially inside the monster,cheap mabinogi money do not look so flattering! I can not appeal to people’s desire YY = = They always want to be inside the characters and how realistic monster However, 3D games, after all, not really such a thing Most of the places they can not achieve the performance edge 3D animation so fine Japanese, Korean games are full of vitality Not only for the cute characters, NPC and monsters have a great affinity Its made with real like a lot like, not as attractive to do the cute little I think this may have a relationship with the cultural area Korean games and even add some special story for you to YY Character, NPC, between the aftertaste is full of ambiguous relationship How should I say – a little more life As for Rocky, buy mabinogi gold I think the game deserved to be one of the best Lodge in South Korea’s ranking can be seen the TC difference is obvious to all of the I thought This vote is for the game itself, not for providers of services So we should support what Rocky = = +

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