Rocky Hero Mabinogi in Chinese game trailers.

                 Mabinogi Gold Nexon Corporation’s 3D action to rely on the new Tour Mabinogi award gains, summed up a remarkable record in 2010 and look forward to a more successful 2011. Mabinogi Continental agent for Century heaven. Had never received the Nexon Korea Game Award in 2010, the company achieved a breakthrough, its new 3D Action Tour Mabinogi gains award. As South Korea, one of the oldest games, Nexon’s 2D horizontal board action online game “Adventure Island” income champion. The operations a few years old game, Nexon, under the careful care, made in South Korea this year, while 41 million people in North America, 13 million people online and impressive record at the same time online. In their latest time period pieces Mabinogi listing, Nexon glory in 2010 reached a peak. The game was the favorable domestic and overseas markets, in the same period in 2010,Mabinogi money G-star announced on the Republic of Korea Game Award, the highest level of the game gains in one fell swoop “Presidential Award” and the “Most Popular Game Award.” In addition, the game has also been on various technical award nominations, such as game design, game art, game character design, game sound effects and more. All in all to “Rocky Hero” became the Korean game industry in 2010 a bright star. Nexon also operated for many years in their old base – China and the European market continues the brilliant past record. Such as export to China, “DNF” in the promotion Tencent platform under the strong, while 200 million people online in one fell swoop made the amazing results. This year, Nexon also beat many other competitors, had enough of many potential online game development company, such as GameHi and Ndoors. These acquisitions not only greatly enhance the Nexon company R & D, and it’s staggering annual earnings game one trillion won. Nexon’s still worth looking forward to 2011, because there are about to enter the Chinese and European markets Mabinogi, as well as North America is about to enter the “Dragon Valley.” Speaking of video starting Lodge Heroes joined the well-known seiyuu Rocky Hero “first released in Chinese game trailers. In this Part, the trailer, there will be a surprise. That is, Mabinogi has been invited to act as “Old Hata Rensan Lang,”buy Mabinogi Gold the voice actors to vocals for the game, he is dubbed from the Department of Shanghai’s famous TV actor Liu Bin voice teacher. In this video, Liu Bin teachers will use their own voice sounding perfect for everyone to perform Mabinogi of infinite charm. The video game will be released with full features, only to let the player is moved to full Chinese language interface and Record video game, the more Liu Bin teachers and other professional voice actors to bring the game animation voice interpretation. All Chinese language interface, all Chinese voice, which will give the country Mabinogi to bring all the players not the sensory experience! Most anticipated, is the player in my own eyes in the video game localization results. Perhaps you have been drifting for a long time, perhaps you feel lonely out clothes, but when you see the familiar in the eyes of the text, you will feel the wait is worth it, it is necessary. This is a brand-new “Rocky Hero”, will also give you all the Mabinogi! More passion, more happiness! Mabinogi video game and the first Chinese voice is about to heat release trailer, stay tuned. cheap Mabinogi money

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