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Monday, November 28th, 2011

something? [James] said Paladinglu then, he’s at the 2nd Mo to Tula done a great war which the human hero.mabinogi gold If a conspiracy to prevent the Zarb Kerr magician Malu Si is a big hammer, then rushed at the forefront of the attack shattered the inferno of Paladinglu is the anvil. If you do not have two heroes, and now the man can not exist. Now the Paladin system is to follow the example of Lu, in order to develop the same hero as he worked out. And Yimingmaqia people dialogue, you can learn this information: Lu is the first 2 mo to Tula war hero, and now the Paladin system is to follow his example and developed. Gordon is now left 罗荷里奥斯 chef, and he will know some things about you Lu? [Gordon] Paladinglu …? Are you saying that the war in Tula Mo to take you to get the victory in that hero? Yes ah, that is the 2nd Mo to Tula war. Well … it seems … look before you asked me something about Paladin right? Yes Yes … in fact Aimingmaqia Paladin Knights Lu itself to commemorate the achievements and established. In order to cultivate a good knight, and Lu, as they … … in the middle of a very prominent knights. Is like asking Lada Er … yes, that is, La Daer. … Oh, this is very famous people, but how can not remember a time … wow, get a new intelligence. Paladin Knights in a 名叫拉达尔 Knight.4 Paladin, Lu for a Paladin, Paladin training ground in Yimingmaqia accepted Paladin courses. However, I believe that this value of money, the training of Mozu shoot to kill a Paladin is not really the way,mabinogi money so he gave up. The decision whether or not to go after the right to know, but for now there is no other choice. How to Paladin is now in the end of the road going? 1) Section 2 of the instructions back to the goddess Marian course if you give up the game, then log on again, will see the goddess of the instructions. … Hear it …? Paladin looking that way … you do …? … No time … to my strength is difficult to stop the forces of the keyhole … but … but gradually the power of Morant in enhancing … … Do not disappointed to find it … that way the road is still Yiming Ma Paladin Lu … just … … do not forget to look Paladinglu a Paladin, you must pay a certain amount of patience and penance … to become the kind of person like Paladinglu will become the Paladin will guide you … … I refuel I believe you become a Paladin of the goddess Marian recommendations. Paladinglu … to become like him, people … it seems to look at the case of Lu. 2) Paladinglu after reading the instructions of the goddess, will be the new keyword. [Light Knight Lu] Goddess of this name. Ask people around who he is. Marian said Paladinglu goddess What people? With the usual way to obtain information about Paladin, like, this is to ask people who live in Aimingmaqia some. The first people to enter the line of sight or minstrel MacDonald. [MacDonald] Paladin … That is what heroes heroes ah. In the first 2 mo to Tula active in the forefront of the war to save humanity … he uses the weapon is the spear, and his technique is so superb that spear been called blunack, can expose the meaning of all things after the war, he inherited … Nu Azha dead king, to build for the Irene’s put in a lot of effort, and later, after he ceded the position of generation of the king, he will disappear … although it has not see his shadow, but his footprints remain stay there, all influence Erin Knight … Well … Mo in Tula war hero … ah, I think of a person, Malu Si. Although he has been called a hero … but unfortunately ended in failure keyhole under the will of fate. Ah, I thought, oh where to go and Mo … If the war in Tula priest about it … James will not know  If you find him, may further be a method of Paladin? 3) La Daer [Lada Er] Paladin Knights allegedly the most prominent figures. Aimingmaqia people on how he evaluated it? The emergence of new characters. If Lada Er is the best knight, he is not from the Paladin recently it? He is now where? If you find him, is not a Paladin can learn more about the methods? [MacDonald] in the past Yimingmaqia tragedy, he is always the last heroic sacrifice to protect the people of Paladin. Is said to be a respected, powerful real good knight. Although these are only after I came here I heard of … so to say, he has a very good friends Pres, occasionally to Yimingmaqia to do business. He is a traveling businessman, will come to a village every few days, though it is bit occasional visitors, but a good man, huh, huh … MacDonald Pres ask to see the proposal go tomorrow. Travel business … not that the meaning of wandering around in the Erin Well … To find Pres, it seems I have to travel in the job … Irene Pres will randomly appear throughout the Erin’s, we strive to find what he it. Finally found it! I heard Mr. Preis know Lada Er things. [Pres] What … like me, who is looking for La Daer you? Who do I thought it was … Well, I have something you heard about … … you want to know what I find La Daer reason? I do … in fact, an old friend of his friends. Pres’s name to hear very pleased … I have a customer that owes La Daer’s human to see him … I also just like to see old friends, so he came here he had. However, we are called in 拉达尔拉达 Seoul, Oh, not really! Old friends so popular, and I happy for him but … I ah … this is the case, why you are looking for La Daer it? I know some things about Paladinglu also heard Lada Er is the best Paladin Knight Rider. So, Lada Er is the Paladin will not it? I’m looking for Paladin road ah. [Pres] Paladin of the road you are looking for ah …? You said Lada Er Lu is on par with the Paladin … This theory seems a bit ridiculous, people can not believe ah. … You is not got the wrong guy? I know Lada Er is really a good guy, is also highly

respected as a knight … but it is still not that Paladin. But ah … we have recommended that he [Pres] … you want to become a real Paladin, then … of course, should go to Lu! ! ! Said La Daer comparable with Paladinglu, this statement is purely fictional. Lu, I have not seen, said Lada Er … This is the Paladin can not talk nonsense! Although the story here on La Daer famous, but it comes in between the wandering merchant Paladin, then, people immediately think of Lu, it is. But I heard that Lu is gone, ah, where he could see it. Real people can not believe it. [Pres] can not believe? Oh, the little brother, but really … I’ve seen La Daer’s strength, and saw in the underground city Fiona Lu who had Oh. … Why do not you go to Fiona underground city, then the way will be able to see Lu. Oh, the little brother actually do not believe me … if you want to see Lu, I took Fiona to your items to go underground city. I’d like to see the expression … when you come back with it to Fiona, then … will see interesting things. Shun give you a pair of wings, Goddess of it. Can be seen from the Pres, where Lu took the sword after the end of the conversation, but other images will immediately appear. 4) Lula Li choice to be mistaken for strange Lula Li and Morant amazing … and attacked by the Ice Las fallen Trina … [Morant] still remember … Lula Li? Paladin last thing you want to be …? [Lula Li] … [Morant] then did you not say, Knights of Yimingmaqia Paladin One thing can not understand it? [Lula Li] … with that thing … you know? [Morant] … although it can not all … but about your past, I know a little. Well, Lula Li is a fool. Even made up my mind, one not favored guy … soon to give up, one does not immediately [Morant] … the so-called human justice, is completely their own standards of human … human beings developed the so-called truth or good, from the beginning However, interpretation is based on the intent of those provisions … … man is not only selfish, or there is no sense of responsibility is not it? [Lula Li] in the end you want to say … what …? [Morant] You know what I mean, humans have even the power of their own can not afford is very dangerous. … It is not just human beings, even the human tragedy will occur around. Even then, you still feel that sort of thing happens frequently, it is only natural, right? cheap mabinogi money [Lula Li] … you know something I worried? [Morant] … I think that kind of thing is not only the victims of Trina. [Lula Li] … can not … but you want to destroy the human inferno it? You are not the same! [Morant] … This is a common misconception of mankind. I am interested only links to Erin and the other does not belong to Erin that part of the world … I just hope to completely smash through that part of the concept of humanity. [Lula Li] … so to say, is not that what you call justice? Mozu of justice and human justice, the end is not the same thing! Both have the unfortunate result of the conflict who play? Do you think I am as human beings, and as you said Mozu share just to get it? [Morant] where the case. We can not show off birthright as human beings to satisfy desires. Exercise their wisdom and prevent human arrogance and tyranny, it is our task. … To look beyond some of it, Lula Li … your own ignorance when the intelligence itself is a sin ah. [Lula Li] … [Morant] there is little to add. … I’m not Mozu but human, and you the same race … [Lula Li] human? … The same race? [Morant] right … to remove all of the irrational world … … to restore it to the origin of humans. 5) Fiona underground city look Items column, you will find Pres received a gift from [the old lines with a cloth] and moved to the underground city Fiona [Red Wings goddess]. [With lines of the old cloth] Pres gift engraved with the tree lines of the old cloth. Fiona put it on the altar of the underground city into the look alone. Goddess with red wings, can go to the underground city hall Duffy Ona. In the [old cloth-lined] put before the altar of the goddess is worth noting where this underground city is not RP play, you have to see Fiona Lu directly into the soul. As Fiona underground city in the wild, so by the time of impact. That at night is dark, the monster would be difficult to grasp their position. In addition, there will be wolves, snakes, werewolves, etc., to enter fully prepared before Oh. Into the room one by one … I do not know how long to go … I could see someone. White looks like … soul? Lu it is …? Although not sure this person is in front of Lu … However, that shining light gathering from the appearance as if to imply that he is the Paladin ah. Despite the open and talk to him … like the soul of Lu gaze for a moment then turned and disappeared. buy mabinogi gold After he disappeared, back to Fiona underground city hall. Although the front is indeed Lu … but I still can not believe I really saw the Paladin ah. Pres said is true, as the original, can be seen in the underground city Fiona Lu soul Oh …

Mabinogi gold Spear Aires experience Taga point

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

mabinogi money experience Taga Heroes Aires, in the past has been weak weak first volume, a stage has a stage strategy, this is the same. Every time something is not the same harvest. [Master] blow So turn around damage affecting only blow proficient fighting skills, along with the increase in priority ap As the turn around like a thousand needles swords, so the skills are hit I still rank, A, present in red rank, 9 Another effect of turn around is the physical damage of skills mastered crit Since around the high IAS, it is easy to burst out, more proficient, then crit, crit chance and crit damage very substantial [Master] Physical Attackmabinogi gold rank, 9 capacity: Heavy Strike ability damage increased 21% hit chance of skills, down 6% Points to rank, 9 need 1080ap I brush out of the current burst damage mobs are 300 + The skills priorities, I point to the rank, 9 of the rank, 9 capacity: crit damage by 38%, launched the 18% crit chance Points to rank, 9 need 1100ap God could have been two swords to avoid technology, but also with the national dress of guns invincible [Sliding] Spear sliding turn around and attack Shihai, hide boss can have cut about, so also God will point technology Points to rank, A need 790ap rank, A is with 0.17 seconds invincible, rank, 9 is 0.2 seconds, see the ap abundant amount of points, and I is the point to rank, 9 of the Points to rank, 9 need 1080ap cheap mabinogi money [Battle master] Temporarily to point to the rank, C (the Holy Spirit violent pre-skills) as the target on it in the future there is a need to say This skill only affects normal attacks, which is the SSSS or x4 the damage left, is rarely used for the Spear Points to rank, C need 240ap Fiona learn this skill more, but learn at least two guns have nothing, not much need ap [Bonfire] Usually can be used solo or team rank, A capacity: sitting beside the campfire every 3 seconds when the recovery 20hp, armor every 2 seconds to restore the quality of 56 The current level is full rank, A Most important thing is to stand after more than 12 minutes to increase attack power 225, 225 magic attack power These are believed to know the game inside the Lodge Heroe buy mabinogi gold will not be much of a barrier.