Mabinogi gold Spear Aires experience Taga point

mabinogi money experience Taga Heroes Aires, in the past has been weak weak first volume, a stage has a stage strategy, this is the same. Every time something is not the same harvest. [Master] blow So turn around damage affecting only blow proficient fighting skills, along with the increase in priority ap As the turn around like a thousand needles swords, so the skills are hit I still rank, A, present in red rank, 9 Another effect of turn around is the physical damage of skills mastered crit Since around the high IAS, it is easy to burst out, more proficient, then crit, crit chance and crit damage very substantial [Master] Physical Attackmabinogi gold rank, 9 capacity: Heavy Strike ability damage increased 21% hit chance of skills, down 6% Points to rank, 9 need 1080ap I brush out of the current burst damage mobs are 300 + The skills priorities, I point to the rank, 9 of the rank, 9 capacity: crit damage by 38%, launched the 18% crit chance Points to rank, 9 need 1100ap God could have been two swords to avoid technology, but also with the national dress of guns invincible [Sliding] Spear sliding turn around and attack Shihai, hide boss can have cut about, so also God will point technology Points to rank, A need 790ap rank, A is with 0.17 seconds invincible, rank, 9 is 0.2 seconds, see the ap abundant amount of points, and I is the point to rank, 9 of the Points to rank, 9 need 1080ap cheap mabinogi money [Battle master] Temporarily to point to the rank, C (the Holy Spirit violent pre-skills) as the target on it in the future there is a need to say This skill only affects normal attacks, which is the SSSS or x4 the damage left, is rarely used for the Spear Points to rank, C need 240ap Fiona learn this skill more, but learn at least two guns have nothing, not much need ap [Bonfire] Usually can be used solo or team rank, A capacity: sitting beside the campfire every 3 seconds when the recovery 20hp, armor every 2 seconds to restore the quality of 56 The current level is full rank, A Most important thing is to stand after more than 12 minutes to increase attack power 225, 225 magic attack power These are believed to know the game inside the Lodge Heroe buy mabinogi gold will not be much of a barrier.

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