The release of stronger than ever “half deification “skills of mabinogi gold

Closed by the first test, believed to have a lot of players an insight into the “Rocky Hero turn” unique charm.Mabinogi Gold In a lot of content, “Rocky Hero” games are breaking the stereotype of existing networks.We still wait and see. After the dialogue with the NPC players can participate in the “drop the hammer” and “throwing darts” game. However, noteworthy is that double experience in obtaining rewards, such as the role of the reincarnated player, then the double experience effect will disappear Oh. In addition, in the event every night of the 19:00-21:00 time period, activities will also be quietly coming out GM active server and call out the mysterious and powerful monsters, so when, as a warrior you have to come forward out to defend family and friends, protect their homes, to ensure the smooth progress of the evening campfire Oh! What you remember, in that there is almost no hope of fighting, what is our firm belief, so clenched teeth and hands firmly grip the sword tightly stick? What is the miraculous power given us, so that the soul had the courage to Watch trembling fear the most profound piece of the dark? Yes, all the light from the goddess Marian! Now, when the grand epic chapter in the re-turn to the new page, the goddess of the tender call has been whispered in our ears ring, What you see, the new road is gradually emerging beneath our feet!Do you remember that with friends lying in the grass watching a leisurely morning sun rising slowly What, do you remember with the friends that underground city with in-depth experience thrilling adventure to stimulate the afternoon, did you remember that with friends However, a bonfire with them bounce Lute hearty food all night to share it? Recall that in the “Rocky” (the official website, area, downloads, forums, registration) in the world of bits and pieces, thrown up your mind whether the ripple waves of excitement, whether the good old days will make you very feeling, very nostalgic then, in that case, let us again return to the U.S. Li Ailin fantasy world, relive the warmth of friendship, understanding the width of the free and enjoying a leisurely life, to experience the infinite passion of youth now!
will not help people to enjoy more attention.We hope that through this activity, collect information from a variety of industries professional advice and recommendations for the “Rocky Hero” to face the future more complete basis for the public good.It will be a lot of insight into both puzzled and surprised in the past.Mabinogi money It is worth mentioning that, in this exciting adventure, the brave heroes you will also be the goddess of the guidelines and obtain the power of Marian, we found a new self, the release of stronger than ever “half deification “skills! Of course, in addition to the exciting adventures of life, the easy laid-back warmth of life is also essential, and this heat debut of the “family system” put this dream to meet the players, so you Erin’s beautiful sky Under the warm feelings of affection, shared family happiness! At the same time, more blood is boiling quietly mysterious treasures will also be coming out, so of you treasure hunters may have to prepare for the Yo! But note that the value of repair equipment to attract the hatred is very high, so do be careful while in the repair of equipment, a large monster attacked by angry to death.”Rocky Hero” by well-known “origin” engine, with ultra-realistic motion operation, ultra-refined aesthetic screen, ultra-stimulating sensory experience. Many features in the game, a reverie of the system and expect from the announcement caused many players to hot, and that is “bursting at clothing system.” Here let us resolve “Rocky Hero” and “explosive clothing system”, and share pictures with it massive!The evaluation will also open “Rocky Hero” part of the contents of market operations, while the majority of players have been concerned about whether the opening hours of the second test will then be made public? In the strong technical support, “Rocky Hero” enhanced the details of the game, allowing the player’s experience more enjoyable. In the “explosion clothing system” with the support of players in the battle to spend more effort to avoid the monster hit, in order to avoid equipment damage. Of course, there is no confidence in their technology and the player can also carry repair tools to repair in the battlefield. However, this evaluation will be not just a seminar, it is a big Party. There will be invited to attend the Society of well-known large-scale, there will be mystery guests attended the scene, along with “cooking wine Heroes.”
Lodge Heroes “serious, rigorous, modest operating attitude. Erin hundred years before it will happen all the fighting is unknown, but everything is possible. Now, the mystery gods sleeping announced soon, how should you respond? G11S1 Sword of the gods, giving you an unprecedented shock!In addition to those mentioned above version information is outside the blood boiling, while in the G12S1 grand opening, a series from “Rocky” for everyone effort to build, well-planned fun activities will debut along with gorgeous! I think we will, whether it is a mysterious new strain of the task, thrilling new skills, warm and pleasant new system, it shines a new treasure, or a new service convenient and practical, handsome white tiger pressing Block riding, or rich, dynamic stimulation activities, etc., must be able to bring you a surprise this summer fun and joy! So now, let us look forward to July 7th round to come!Accompanied by bursts of cicadas and the slightest summer Italy, July summer just around the corner, but in the moment, so that risk of you for a long time people look forward to the new road will also be fully open on July 7! – To be gorgeous in the appearance of the “Rocky” (the official website, area, downloads, forums, registration) G12S1 hero back version, the body in the Erin not only will our world towards a new future, but also Dear players in the support as always, we continue to “Rocky” (the official website, area, downloads, forums, registration) to improve and perfect, we strive to provide quality games and services. First, the original “Dream Life” service will be the new “premium VIP Service Package” replaced. But people feel rapid heart beat, in the freshly services spree, players can still enjoy a wealth of services not only to bring the various facilities, and more will get a look handsome, eye-catching white tiger mount battle ! In addition, with the “Rocky” G12S1 hero back version of the shock on, players are very concerned about the service system will also be some changes. In addition, Nexon Corporation from South Korea’s well-known studio devCAT (devil cat) of the “Rocky Hero” development team members will arrive in heaven century, exchange and discuss together with all “Rocky Hero” in the future development direction. great game portal on the new list tour expectations.
buy Mabinogi Gold The Feb. 3 to Feb. 28 period, all Erin generated human characters on the mainland just login the game and the dialogue with the Na children, you can get “novice chicken hat” and special “newbie” title. By then, the players on the line during the event, you can receive a “the world’s largest food” section of the special bonfire task. Access in the task successfully, with good karma for you Sign Hupenghuanyou, lit with a warm fire, and follow the prompts to complete the special delicious dishes it! – Since September 28 until September 30 18:00-22:00 every night during the players of each server row of feelings that put the new “fire” activities to bring fun and laughter.Anxiety in the hot summer days away, the cool autumn breeze is blowing quietly face, new romantic life has followed! Then the full harvest with joy, glowing beautiful little golden season, close the “Rocky” (the official website, area, downloads, forums,registration) will have prepared what kind of fun activities? At the moment, let us wait and see together!What you heard from the beginning Nov. 19, a “Rocky” of the old players will build number sounded loud and clear! I believe the majority of the news for like “Rocky,” the new and old players are exciting encouraging, let us to act together, find and old convene to meet those long-lost partner, friend, calling with your true feelings them back to the “Rocky” in the family now! Starting from November 19 to November 28 period, all in the August 1, 2010 -2010 on at 00:00 on November 19 at the game had not logged in “Rocky” players, as long as the return to our warm and harmonious ” Lodge “family to have access to extension bar that is the key, double experience potions and other very practical game props! Meanwhile, during this period, all the old players are buying back the first products available to offer unprecedented strength, I think we will, up to 50% discount rate, and a variety of practical props will allow everyone to enjoy and go Oh! Of course, it is worth noting that players return to the old players in the event after the initial period can be any shopping service content, role, or pet cards, but will not be able to buy packs to get active rebate offers, the same time, received the Since the first open beta for the limited time-limited, so many players are unable to experience passion for the game. In order to collect more people on the “Rocky Hero” views and recommendations of the “Rocky Hero” evaluation will hit the “professional”: a professional evaluation staff, the professional gamer, and want everyone to experience ” Erin is also the world continue to have more new friends come, in this long-awaited G14S1 version has finally unveiled the moment, we carefully for the new players adventure useful to prepare a series of exquisite manners. Want to experience the “Rocky” new world of fun variety of activities, and friends to swim in the land of Erin on it? Just ease up for thegame instantly, the NPC can easily obtain a new Package Oh! Quickly packed up, up the horses and began to actually think of a “Rocky” adventure!To break the world accurately determined from the start!new ideas. Today, the long-awaited “Rocky Hero” is about heavy debut, I believe the majority of Chinese players will be able to experience this highly anticipated epic gaming masterpiece of passion and charm!The equipment will not only increase with the use of time getting the old, in the battle will blow was broken because it is “explosive clothing system” key concepts.South Korean president in 2010 as the award winning action online games work, “Rocky Hero” (official website, downloads, registration) to ultra-realistic motion operation, ultra-refined aesthetic screen, ultra-sensory experience to stimulate long-term resident in the allowed In addition, the new telecom server Foggs also “stocky appearance”, in order to meet the new version and new clothes, a series of carnival activities will appear in everyone’s side. First thing to say is very happy, “Chinese New Year Carnival!” Rebate will also be way off after the event in uniform into their account. More version and event details, so stay tuned version of the official website feature page.
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