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Fighting articles Rocky’s battle system is very unique! Because Rocky abandoned the traditional concept of career, and fighting skills with each gram of the relationship, so creating a Guess the next step of action to combat the enemy’s approach (a bit like a stone scissors cloth). The following is my personal fighting skills and understanding: Close combat skills Windmill Skills: can be said to be very good skills,mabinogi money playing around the circle, can be broken back and defense, because when the body started windmill invincible, so I can To say no skills grams it! But its drawback is the continuous poor performance, technology can not be moved after the launch! Push built in I do not know what skills to use when the monster With! Have to be careful of is that windmill needs to launch its own 10% less blood. Blow Skills: Daguai one of the best skills, because most of the blame will be defense, and hit not only high but also ignore the defense attack! There is to use Strange heavy hitting monster will fly, the team hit the mainstream skills BOSS! Major drawback is that to teach physical exertion, and is generally attacked grams, but was a Back to the monster, to severe blood! Push or a monster defense under construction when the first use! Crit skills: passive skills Lodge little one is to increase the use of anti-crit rate (percentage of mass destruction by its own upgrade), personal feel Not very useful, all the fighting or AP class and more people who come to learn it! Defensive skills: up early also had to use with the skills, the enemy can be a lot less lethal! The high level of defensive skills can allow you to get rid of BOSS powerful attack! Also, hit the enemy on the defense will have some stiff time! But later felt the counter used to teach more, but still strong Push to build learning! Push to build a monster hit immediately after use. Back skills: strong push to build the ace skills, not the blood in case of enemy attack will reflect back (from a few additional percentage will be Attack). But there are many shortcomings, the biggest drawback is back after launching an unlimited deduction strength (physical button to save the counter state 0), There is a counter-attack can not be moved after the launch, magic and bow and windmills can ignore the counter. Push to build strength for a long time use, or not soon, when the last physical Fight! Fighting proficient: is a passive skill, which is to take a certain character class combat skills to learn, can increase the strength and lethality. War on skills Long-range tactical proficiency: a passive ability, you can speed up the target speed, long-term study with those who bow! Only with a bow Yinguai players learn without having to spend AP Through the Eye Arrow skills: long-range version of the blow can break the enemy’s magic! Choosing the school with a bow! Magic skills Magic release: it can be said is a life skills, and attributes can be added to the equipment vice, but also to have magical properties of equipment training into the release of scrolls! Meditation Skills: Passive skills, players have to learn each spell class skills, can effectively speed up the magic in the daytime reply! Treatment skills: one of the current mainstream, more people are learning to teach. Can quickly increase blood! Inadequate treatment of wounded is not rate! Ray Arrow skills: a wide range of magic, continuous use of the words have a good effect! Master class players do not push to build Danlian use! Rocket skills: currently the most powerful magic in attack! However, several lethal enough powerful chant. Push to build the first next Daguai use it! Frostbolt skills: quick bursts of magic 5 (first chant 5 times), Yinguai good, and even build strength Combat Skills Guide Fighting class is arguably the most direct attack, and what the monster you found before batter (hit too), in defense (back too), Monster hit you into the stiff state, immediately batter, mabinogi goldin the anti-(anti-)! If Daguai immediately after the monster did not hit you over, then we should be careful to Vegetables is strange, then it is generally possible defense, when defensive players can walk around in front of him hit you take the initiative to provoke him! If the strange little stronger than teaching Material may be put defense, counterattack, and some will put the magic chant, then make good use of the general push to build a windmill or counterattack, etc.! Best not to anti-(strange when heavy Hit rate is high)! Type of attack is difficult to Danlian far, far class will learn the most offensive melee skills than to teach it! If the old monster can not hit you when you play for the bow Strange! But be careful, this is luck, it may be to blame then hit you! Attack those who are generally far Kaguai leveling! Magic players as long as the class practiced quickly find a team thing, because the magic of high destruction, many teams also need to! Even my blind I can still see you, even if my ears were blocked I can still hear your voice, even if I go I will not pin you … “Speaking of phrase lyrics, we must be very familiar with. Yes! today as we dedicate is warm,cheap mabinogi money young, by the attack can be, abnormal handsome male demon feast! … … Keke, male demon is “Rocky” in the mysterious world, while BOSS has very attractive one. They have a strong attack and silence of his eyes, so you can not get away, but extremely attractive … but, no matter what their super ability, as master of the “Rocky” is the world’s human sure to its overthrow! Benpian Raiders will help you find, easy to tear down and enjoy unlimited fun! First, we say that the castle is the mysterious underground city male demon. Is known that the so-called unknown, he did not name, but it is “Rocky” the first guy. Not only has Toshihaya figure, it can be a “male demon Song” sing superb, very fascinating people, precisely, is so very fascinated by female players, as men and players see him, he will not sing . Such a shameless act, could not help but make people despise it. Is usually the most sad moments, when he finished the song, because he began to attack it, and attack the output is high, whether you are Paladin or Dark Knight, ignore all this male demon, extremely difficult challenge, so please players must pay attention to safety, if you really can not challenge, to listen to ethereal singing male demon, enjoy the next handsome face is good. Then it is only in the shadow world of Aila Ha. He has fire red hair, dressed in gorgeous clothes Duke, with a black demon wings. As an extremely deep and dark heart of male demon, shadow world for him is more like a spiritual dwelling place and camouflage. He did not choose either of the castle as a magnificent dwelling, nor ghostly dark corner out in a variety of scary, desolate silence of the shadow world is his ultimate choice. Often into the shadow world of the players should know that Ai Laha has experienced a serious blow, human and Vladimir intertwined and complex Mozu had hated him very human. For such a male demon,buy mabinogi gold I am afraid we can only proceed step by step, step by step, but fortunately no chance of direct confrontation, or really low odds of humanity.

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